Macross Frontier Episode 13

Now this was one hell of an episode.

The episode starts out exactly where episode 12 ended, with Alto’s VF going down in the middle of the Galia 4 jungle, and both him and Ranka discovering the remains of what appears to be the SDF-1 Macross. Both of them are trapped in the jungle for the time being, as something is jamming the systems of Alto’s VF, so they try to make the best of their situation. However, Ranka goes missing, and Alto heads off to the Macross where he believes she might have been taken. All this while, Brera in his VF-27 is keeping a close watch on them.

Alto soon discovers that the Macross is in fact the SDF-04 Global, which was the flagship of the 117th Research Fleet, the same one Ranka was a part off before it was destroyed by the Vajra. He also surmises that the jamming effect is coming from the Global. Alto heads in, while Brera descends into the depths of the planet, where Ranka is being held captive by what appears to be some sort of Vajra queen. Meanwhile, Alto explores the innards of the Global, and discovers that the crew had been experimenting on Vajra. He also discovers a family photo featuring a young Ranka. The Vajra queen continues to lay countless eggs until Brera appears and attacks the queen, fending off multiple lesser Vajra in the process. Alto descends into the queens chamber and tries to save Ranka, but is cut off by a green barrier, which surrounds Ranka. Brera manages to succesifly harm the queen, however, the pain felt by the queen is also somehow felt by Ranka. Alto and Brera are forced out of the queens chamber, and Alto heads for his VF. The Global begins to glow, and starts to lift off into the air. Alto’s manages to get his VF working again, and heads for the Global, which then breaks apart, revealing a massive Vajra mothership. Various other Vajra cruisers also rise up from beneath the surface, forming a massive fleet. All of a sudden, Brera attacks Alto. They both engage eachother in the air, but eventually, Brera holds alto at gunpoint, and prepares to fire his gunpods energy blast right at Alto’s VF. However, he is saved at the last minute by Mikhail and Sheryl. Meanwhile, nearby the UN military base, Grace uncovers a massive device of sorts, and activates it, revealing in the process that she is the same as Brera; a cyborg of sorts. The device activates, and forms a massive fold bubble, which spreads out across the planet, destroying everything in its path. Alto, Mikhail and Sheryl speed away from the planet, and the Vajra fleet begins to fold away. Mikhail and Sheryl fly towards the fold openings of the Vajra fleet to get away from the planet, while Alto continues to try and outfly the massive fold blast that has now abosrbed a good chunk of the planet.
So yeah…wow. This was one intense episode. So it turns out that the Macross wasn’t actually the SDF-1, but another ship of the same make; the SDF-04 Global, which of course is named after the SDF-1’s infamous captain. It is interesting to learn that other ships identical to the SDF-1 were made, because prior to this episode, this was not known. There was an SDF-2 originally planned during Space War 1, which was actually much larger than the SDF-1, but the design was later remade into the Megaroad class of colony ships. And being that it the Global is numered 4th, it is highly likely that there are other SDF ships out there in active service.

This episode also confirms that Brera is Ranka’s brother, as he is shown with her in the flashbacks of her as a little girl with her parents. This episode also continues to show that Ranka and the Vajra are connected. Actually, to be more specific, Ranka and the Vajra Queen are connected. When Brera shot the queens blue crystal, Ranka felt the same pain the queen did. Perhaps she was part of the Vajra experiments conducted onboard the Global?

This episode also brings up more questions about the Vajra. Just what exactly are they? While they have the markings of the Protoculture, the fact that there were experiments on them aboard the Global could mean that they were created by the 117th Research Fleet. We’ll have to wait and see.

Of course, this episode also confirms that Grace defenitly has her own goals, but it still needs to be learned as to why she detonated the LAI Dimension Eater. Perhaps it was to erase all evidence of what happened to the 117th? And I wonder if she is truly dead, or if she was simply aborbed into the anomoly. It could also be that the Grace on Gallia was simply one of her remotely controlled bodies.

Also, it seems the cockpit of the VF-27 has a holographic lay-over of sorts which makes the cockpit seem featureless, thus allowing for a full view of the surroundings. We can see this when Mikhail blasts Brera’s gunpod. There is a split second where the lay-over goes down and we see a standard cockpit and Brera in a traditional pilot suit. Very nifty stuff.


Macross Frontier Episode 12

Wow, just wow.

Now this was a good episode. It had everything. It had some funny moments, it had some cute moments, it had some cool moments, and it had one big OMGWTFBBQ moment.

We start off from last week with Alto and Sheryl de-folding at Gallia 4. We are shown how the planet is home to the 33rd Marine Force, a force entirely comprises of Zentradi. However, Sheryl is unable to give her concert, as she collapses while leaving her ship. One of the Zentradi, by the name of Temujin, takes this oppurtunity to have a large number of the Zentradi revolt and take hostages. Everyone is relocated to other buildings, including Sheryl and Alto. It was hinted at last week that there may be something wrong with Sheryl, and this episode proves that she is defenitly sick. I wonder if it will continue to be a part of the plot.

Alto manages to sneak out and get to his VF, but is held at gunpoint by Temujin before he can take off. The leader of the Zentradi on the planet, who is currently held in a standoff against the rebelling Zentradi, realizes what Alto is trying to do, and has his soldiers give him some covering fire. However, this has little effect. However, help comes in the form of Mikhail and Ranka. Ranka manages to stop the Zentradi from rebelling with that age old Macross solution; she sings to them. All the Zentradi stop fighting except for Temujin, who takes off in his Queadluun Rea (which now seems to be the standard issue mecha for all Zentradi, not just Meltrandi) but is sent plummeting into the ocean by Alto.

Mikhail then charges Alto with getting Ranka back to the Frontier fleet, but before they can leave the plantet,  mysterious…something (that seemed to react previously to Ranka’s singing) causes Alto’s VF to crash.

Now, this is where that OMGWTFBBQ moment comes in. Ranka and Alto get out to check their surroundings, and discover the crashed remains of the SDF-1 Macross.

Now, the biggest question brought forward by this episode is of course how the hell is the SDF-1 on Gallia 4? Last time we saw it, it was permantly docked in Macross city on earth and was acting as the headquarters of the UN Spacy. The preview for next week shows the SDF-1 in a fleet formation, so it will be interesting to see if this fleet was sent to Gallia 4 for some reason. But why send the SDF-1…surely they could have used a New Macross Class ship instead. However, from the previews and that mysterious…thing that crashed Alto’s VF, this planet seems like it could be Vajra central. Well, all we can do is wait till next week to find the answers to these question….hopefully.

Macross Frontier Episode 11

This weeks episode continues to build on the relationships being formed, particularily the interesting triangle between Alto/Sheryl/Ranka. I’m not ready to call it a love triangle as of yet, as I don’t believe its reache that level yet, however, if this is going to culminate in that sooner or later, then Sheryl defenitly has the edge over Ranka. It doesn’t help that she can give Alto what he wants, and we learn this episode that he wants to fly, particularily over a real sky, and not the artificial sky of City-25.

The situation in this episode regarding Ranka’s rise to stardom is almost a reverse of what we got in the original series. In that, as Minmay become more and more famous, she had less time for Hikaru. This time, its the complete opposite. Even though Ranka is becoming very famous in the Frontier fleet, she always seems to be trying to spend time with Alto, who is devoting more and more of his time to Sheryl.

The end of the episode has Alto choosing between whether he will go home to see his father, meet up with Ranka or take Sheryl up on her offer to go to Gallia 4 with her (as a sort of fighter escort) of course, as Sheryl’s off will allow him to fly in the real sky of Gallia 4, he goes with Sheryl.

Gallia 4 is interesting in itself as it is the home of the UN’s 33rd Marine Force, which is comprised of Zentradi who reluctanty surrendered to the UN after Space War 1. And if the preview of episode 12 is anything to go by, their time with the UN Spacy is about to come to an end.

Another interesting thing to note is the one Zentran pilot shown in the preview. He looks a heck of alot like Kamjin from the original series. Though, seeing as he rammed his ship into the SDF-1 at the end of the series, its highly unlikely its him. Perhaps a clone of him, seeing as thats common technology for the Zentradi.

Macross Frontier Episode 10

This weeks episode was fantastic, and it didn’t have a bit of mecha action in it! Episode 10 dealt with the filming of the movie “The Bird Human”, which is about the events of the OVA Macross Zero. Ranka is chosen to play the role of Mao, which is a big thing for sure. This episode really is the beginning of Ranka’s path down the road to stardom, and it can only get bigger from here. I wonder if this will affect Sheryl in anyway.

We also learn some interesting things about Brera. For one thing, he’s at least part machine. He might even be entirely cybernetic, we don’t know. However, this does explain how he’s able to control the VF-27 so well, as Leon said after watching footage of the machine in battle that no human could pilot a fighter like that, but he also said it defenitly wasn’t an unmanned machine. Brera being augmented with cybernetic parts would easily explain how he is able to handle the incredible strain brought on by the way he flies.

Brera also seems to have a connection to Ranka, as he’s been following her around the last couple of episodes, and in this episode saved her from a rabid hydra-beast. Perhaps he’s related to her in some way?

There’s also the little thing about Shery’s manager. She’s defenitly in league with Brera, perhaps even his superior, and she has the means to spy on the Frontier government, but just exactly what are her goals…or is she working for a higher power?

Macross Frontier Episode 9

A great episode this week. We delve a little into Mikhails past. We learn that his sister, Jessica, was a sniper much like he is now, and that she was court-marshaled for a friendly fire incident after she accidently shot a superior officer who also happened to be her ex-lover. Jessica eventually committed suicide. This memory gets to Mikhail, who accidently shoots Alto during a skirmish with a Vajra attacking a human ship. Later on, Kuran tries to talk Mikhail out of his stupor, but only ends up slapping his VF-25 when he makes a comment about her miclone form. The SMS teams is eventually sent out to find and take samples from a suspected Vajra nest. Unfortunately for them, Brera and his VF-27 are sent out to destroy the nest and stop samples from being taken. He and Kuran engages in a furious shooting match, which ends up in Kuran getting shot down. Alto then comes in to take on Brera and manages to at least shoot off the VF-27’s leg before Mikhail wards him off. The episode ends with Mikhail visiting his sisters grave.

Besides the interesting revelations about Mikhail’s sister, there are a number of interesting things that comes up in this episode. We get to see the capabilities of the VF-27, and it truly is a fearsome machine. It has at least 2 machine guns along side its large gunpod, which is also capable of acting as a beam canon/rifle. It also has incredible speed and maneuverability.

We also get to see the macronization process for Zentradi, and it is quite the fast process. The conversation between Mikhail and Kuran in the middle of the episode was also kinda neat, as it has Mikhail in is VF talking to macro Kuran, and his VF was doing all sort of human-like hand gestures and the like. Kuran slapping his VF was also kinda humorous in a way.

Macross Frontier Episode 8

Quite the fun episode this week, though not much going on plot-wise. This weeks episode has both Sheryl and Ranka joining the same school as Alto and Co. and some hilarity ensues when Sheryl shows up, causing the schools entire male population going into fanboy mode. There’s an entertaining chase around the school when a small animal (a creature introduced in Macross 7 I believe, I just can’t remember what they’re called ) makes off with one of Sheryl’s….”belongings” and she takes off after it in Luca’s EX-gear. Its a pretty amusing sequence to say the least.

There are a couple of interesting scenes plot-wise this week. The first being a shot of a strange Protoculture…thing floating in space. It sort of resembles a humanoid with skeletal wings, and it bears the markings of Protoculture. I wonder what it could be…

Ok, I probably should have watched Macross Zero. The thing in the opening is the AFOS from M-Zero.

The other interesting thing to happen is Brera showing up again, this time playing the Harmonica to Ranka’s song at the end. The song is supposed to be one only Ranka knows, so how does Brera know it?

Macross Frontier Episode 7

Wow, what an episode!

Carrying on from last episode, the battle group from M-Frontier de-folds into the midst of a battle between M-Galaxy forces and the Vajra. The SMS team launches into battle, and what we are treated to is quite possibly one of the best mecha battles in recent history. Each main pilot gets a chance to shine, Mikhail , being the sniper master he is, masterfully takes out a number of Vajra, including one of the big red ones. Seems a sniper gun pod is the way to go when taking those ones on. Luca is accompanied this episode by a number of Ghost drone fighters, and he really seems quite fond of them. We also get one heck of a missle storm from Ozma’s VF-25, and as expected, the Konig Monster kicks ass…and shows off its incredible firepower.

Midway through the episode, a huge Vajra carrier enters the fray, and easily takes out one of Galaxy’s warships. Luca goes in for a closer look, and gets captured by a red Vajra. Alto goes in to rescue him, but not before Mikhail catches a glimpse of an incredibly fast variable fighter going towards the carrier as well. Alto manages to find Luca, but his VF is destroyed in the process. The mysterious VF appears before them, and the carrier opens up again and prepares to fire a 2nd shot.

Cue the best scene of the episode. Macross Quarter moves in the kill, and transforms into attack mode and unleashes the awesome power of the Macross Cannon, destroying the carrier. The mysterious new fighter disappears, but we see it yet again in a space fold along with few others.

We also got a number of new songs this week, as Sheryl’s concert continued from last episode. The songs really made the battle that much more exciting.

As I mentioned earlier, the one highlight of the episode was the Macross Quarter itself. Its design is very reminiscent of the original SDF-1, although its movements make it more like a giant variable fighter, as it has very human-like movements, such as lifting open the carrier’s “mouth” and mounting its shield on its back. Very cool indeed.

Of course, the one big thing that came up in this episode was the appearance of a new model of Variable fighter (which appears to be called the VF-27) Just what were they doing in the battle, and who exactly are the aligned with? Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Lots of screenshots follow.