Sounding like a broken record…again.

I think I’ve said I’m back like what…a million times by now? 

But I really am back this time. I Recently got the itch to blog recently, and I don’t even know if anyone still reads or remembers this blog, but screw it, I’m back bitches.

Okay that sounded a little harsh, but I had to think of some way to get your attention 🙂

Let’s just get some things out of the way before I start posting again. My intention for this blog going forward is to do things a little differently. I’ll primarily be posting things like random musings and game reviews (my first post will likely be a review of Bioshock Infinite…I just really need to post my feelings about this game, good lord do I ever). There will obviously be other stuff as it pops up, such as gaming news and whatnot.

As you all know, this blog was primarily an AKB48 blog in the past, and while I’m still a fan, I’m nowhere near as entrenched in the fandom as I once was. I might do a post about them here and there, but don’t expect anything substantial, at least like it was before.

So there we go. Like I said, I’ll be doing a review on Bioshock Infinite that will hopefully be up VERY soon. See ya soon everyone!


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