SKE48 Team E announced, Team KII Changes

Some Big news today.

First, its finally been announced that SKE’s Team E will be forming soon. The members of this new team are:
2nd gen – Isohara Kyoka (13)
3rd gen – Ueno Kasumi (13)
4th gen – Umemoto Madoka (18)
4th gen – Kaneko Shiori (15)
4th gen – Kimoto Kanon (13)
4th gen – Kobayashi Ami (17)
4th gen – Sakai Mei (13)
4th gen – Shibata Aya (17)
4th gen – Takagi Yumana (17)
4th gen – Takeuchi Mai (17)
4th gen – Tsuzuki Rika (14)
4th gen – Nakamura Yuka (13)
4th gen – Hara Minami (14)
2nd gen – Mano Haruka (13)
4th gen – Yamashita Yukari (14)
3rd gen – Yamada Erika (14)

A fairly young Team it seems. Hopefully we won’t have to wait long for their first original stage (and here’s hoping they mix things up and don’t make them do a stage like A1, K1, A2 or whatever, those stages are so dull and overdone already, maybe B3 as a first stage..that would be awesome 🙂 )

We also have a bit of a shake-up in Team KII. Four members have been demoted with 4 Research Students taking their place:
Iguchi Shiori
Uchiyama Mikoto
Kito Momona
Saito Makiko

2nd gen – Abiru Riho (13)
3rd gen – Goto Risako (13)
3rd gen – Hata Sawako (22)
3rd gen – Yakata Miki (18)

This shake-up is quite controversial, at least to some, as its causing a bit of a ruckus over at Stage48 (actually, its more like an excessive amount of butthurt). I however, am quite excited. See, I haven’t paid KII nearly as much attention as S, primarily because they have yet to have their own stage. However, there are a few members I can count in my top ranks (Airi, Akane, Shiori). So to be honest, these demotions don’t really affect me much, as I never really paid attention to those 4 girls. The promotions, however, are especially exciting for me. The one I’m particularly happy about is Hata Sawako’s promotion. She’s been my fav RS for awhile, so I was anticipating the day in which she would finally be promoted, so her going to KII gives me more than enough reason to pay more attention to them, and with their first original stage coming soon, I can’t wait to see KII in action.


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