AKB/SKE News – December 27, 2010

I’m back! Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas/Holiday! Still got a bit more time off before the new semester starts in January, so its time to get back to blogging!

In AKB48 news, there are quite a few things to report on:

– First things first, I would like to make a correction on something I previously posted on. I posted that Iwasa Misaki and Komori Mika were being added to the subunit Watarirouka Hashiritai, however that does not seem to be the case. They will only be partaking in the upcoming 7th single, and will not be added to the group permanently.

– AKB48 has also opened up its own MySpace page. Yeah, MySpace. Apparently Japan hasn’t gotten the memo that MySpace has been dead for the last few years. Its all Facebook and Twitter now. However, this is a good first step into connecting with western fans.

– Team A member Sashihara Rina will be getting her own 30-minute TV show called “Sashiko no Kuse ni”, which will be airing every Tuesdays starting next year. This is a big thing for her as she will be the first AKB member to get their own solo show.

– Both SKE48 and AKB48 will be releasing new singles near the beginning of the new year. SKE’s 5th single is set to be released 2011/2/9 while AKB’s 20th single will be released on 2011/02/16. Both singles are still untitled as of yet.

SKE48 will also be airing its own short drama. The drama is called Mousou Deka, and will air only in Nagoya on Wednesdays during 24:40PM to 24:55PM. The air date is set for January 12th. The drama looks to be a sort of murder-mystery show with Jurina as the lead character. The members participating in this new show will be:
Team S: Matsui Rena, Yagami Kumi, Rikako Hirata, Oya Masana, Kizaki Yuria, Kuwabara Mizuki, Nakanishi Yuka, Haruna Ono, Yukiko Kinoshita, Hiramatsu Kanako, Takada Shiori, Suda Akari, Deguchi Aki, Kato Rumi
Team KII: Ishida Anna, Takayanagi Akane, Mukaida Manatsu

– Team K member Itano Tomomi will be releasing her first solo single, titled [Dear J], on January 26th, 2011. It will be released in 3 regular versions and a theater version.


AKB48’s 9th Gen kenkyuusei promotions + 2 new additions to Watarirouka

A couple of days ago, it was announced that all of the current members of AKB48’s 9th Generation of kenkyuusei will be promoted to the status of full members!It has yet to be announced what teams they will be going to, but this is still exciting news. There are quite a few talented members of the 9th Gen, so I’m defenitly looking forward to see who goes here.
For those who don’t know anything about the 9th Gen, here’s a list:
Yamauchi Suzuran
Mori Anna
Nakamura Mariko
Takeuchi Miyu
Shimada Haruka
Oba Mina
Nagao Mariya
Shimazaki Haruka

I’m especially excited to see where my fav, Shimada Haruka, ends up.

In other news, its looking like AKB48 Subunit Watarirouka will be getting 2 new members, Komori Mika and Misaki Iwasa, starting with their upcoming 7th single! I really hope this is true, as it would give me a reason to actually give a damn about Watarirouka. Wasamin is my #2 fav member after Yukirin, and I’ve really started to like Komori as of late, so this is great news to me.

SKE48 Team E announced, Team KII Changes

Some Big news today.

First, its finally been announced that SKE’s Team E will be forming soon. The members of this new team are:
2nd gen – Isohara Kyoka (13)
3rd gen – Ueno Kasumi (13)
4th gen – Umemoto Madoka (18)
4th gen – Kaneko Shiori (15)
4th gen – Kimoto Kanon (13)
4th gen – Kobayashi Ami (17)
4th gen – Sakai Mei (13)
4th gen – Shibata Aya (17)
4th gen – Takagi Yumana (17)
4th gen – Takeuchi Mai (17)
4th gen – Tsuzuki Rika (14)
4th gen – Nakamura Yuka (13)
4th gen – Hara Minami (14)
2nd gen – Mano Haruka (13)
4th gen – Yamashita Yukari (14)
3rd gen – Yamada Erika (14)

A fairly young Team it seems. Hopefully we won’t have to wait long for their first original stage (and here’s hoping they mix things up and don’t make them do a stage like A1, K1, A2 or whatever, those stages are so dull and overdone already, maybe B3 as a first stage..that would be awesome 🙂 )

We also have a bit of a shake-up in Team KII. Four members have been demoted with 4 Research Students taking their place:
Iguchi Shiori
Uchiyama Mikoto
Kito Momona
Saito Makiko

2nd gen – Abiru Riho (13)
3rd gen – Goto Risako (13)
3rd gen – Hata Sawako (22)
3rd gen – Yakata Miki (18)

This shake-up is quite controversial, at least to some, as its causing a bit of a ruckus over at Stage48 (actually, its more like an excessive amount of butthurt). I however, am quite excited. See, I haven’t paid KII nearly as much attention as S, primarily because they have yet to have their own stage. However, there are a few members I can count in my top ranks (Airi, Akane, Shiori). So to be honest, these demotions don’t really affect me much, as I never really paid attention to those 4 girls. The promotions, however, are especially exciting for me. The one I’m particularly happy about is Hata Sawako’s promotion. She’s been my fav RS for awhile, so I was anticipating the day in which she would finally be promoted, so her going to KII gives me more than enough reason to pay more attention to them, and with their first original stage coming soon, I can’t wait to see KII in action.