Its quite clear…

That the AKB48 management has very little confidence in the newly selected senbatsu group for the upcoming single, Chance no Junban. As you all know, the senbatsu for this single was chosen at that Rock-Paper-Scissors tournament, which was apparently a huge success. The winner of the tournament was Team K member and former Research Student Mayumi Uchida. The senbatsu for this single only has a few of the normal members, so it is a big gamble for AKB48, especially coming after the huge success that Beginner was, and still is.

Now, it was announced awhile ago that instead of the usual Undergirls/Theater Girls routine, each Team would get their own track and PV on the single. Sounds good to me! Well, its quite clear the management thought that too, because from the looks of it, all the budget on this single went to the team tracks, and not the main one. Some magazine scans showing shots from the 3 Team PV’s were released online, so judge for yourself:

And here’s the PV for Chance no Junban:

I don’t know about you, but it just seems that the superior PV’s and songs are the the Team tracks. Is this the Managements way of making sure the single doesn’t bomb? Likely not. This is AKB48 were talking about. This single is going to sell boatloads regardless, but I do think that the management didn’t have much confidence in the main Senbatsu for this single, so they made sure the Team tracks were far superior in nearly every way. This is just my opinion, so feel free to disagree.


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