Lipsynching – Why AKB48 does it and why I don’t give a rats ass if they do or not

Lurking around the cesspool of a forum that is Hello!Online, I have noticed that whenever discussion of either a Morning Musume or AKB48 single pops up, there is always a heated argument between the two sides of Idol fandom. Its not all-out war, but more akin to the odd border-skirmish. However, AKB48 fans are clearly the winners every time, at least over at H!O where the intelligence level is at an all-time low on the H!P side of things. But anyway, the combative topic of late seems to by lipsynching, so I thought I’d share some opinions and observations with you on the subject. I would have posted this over at H!O to get my point across, but I gave up on that place long ago.

So the argument most H!P fans bring to the table is that AKB48 lipsynchs nearly every performance they do, even their theatre shows and rarely does anything live. This seems to equate to them that the AKB48 girls are all bad singers. Now, does AKB48 lipsynch? Yeah, they do, and quite a bit actually. Does this make me think less of the group? Not at all. It all comes down to this; their Idols, not true artists, so to speak. But does this mean that none of them are decent singers? Hell no. Heck, I can name quite a few AKB48 members of the top of my head who are phenomenal singers; Yuki Kashiwagi (duh), Sayaka Akimoto, Minami Takahashi, Yuka Masuda, Ayaka Umeda, Misaki Iwasa…the list does in fact go on. AKB48 does have some damn good singers, and they do lipsynch, and I don’t care if they do.

But here’s the kicker, and the one thing H!P fans always seem to forget; frequency of performances. H!P has like what, a couple of concert series a year? The bottom line is they don’t perform a whole lot of live shows, and in those shows, they do lipsynch, just like AKB48 does. H!P fans can deny it all they want, but we know they do. Now, how much does AKB48 perform. Well, Not only do they have periodic concert tours, but they seem to have unique concerts at least once a month, the AX series of concerts once a year…oh, and they perform near DAILY at their theater. That’s a lot of performances, and this is what I think is the reason for lipsynching so much. Performing all the time can be a strain, so they can’t always be at the top of their game. Lipsynching just ensures us that when they do go live, its damn good.

So yeah, AKB48 lipsynchs, and I don’t care. I still love them. H!P fans, its time to find a new argument to wield against AKB, because your running out of options fast.


7 thoughts on “Lipsynching – Why AKB48 does it and why I don’t give a rats ass if they do or not

  1. Woot! When you talked about H!P lip-syncing are you also including their concerts because all of those sound live to me? I dislike all the fighting between the fandoms because I like both, but I would choose AKB any day (if I had to). At this point I find it funny when they started to suggest that Morning Musume could compete with AKB’s single sales. I can see they have a chance with SKE, but even then they don’t look so hot. I also want to see things turn around for H!P, but unless it is S/mileage I don’t think it is going to happen.

  2. just to point out, AKB48 compared to MM has a lot of girls and you can’t expect all of them to sound good live so they lipsynch. All of them are decent singers though, (when I say decent, that means they sing on the right tone, voice quality depends on one’s preference though) but only a handful can be referred to as good live singers, while others excel with dance, comedy, kickin’ ass, etc.

  3. Can’t always be the top of their game? Sure, but they don’t even sing live in important events where it counts. Just how many times one have to perform their new single on popular music shows like music station or music japan? I waited and waited and waited to see Beginner live performance, but even at Tokyo Aki Matsuri where the crowds was so ready to be gear up by live performance, however crappy it is, still they lip synched. Or they could have sung it live on AKBingo, their own shows. Still they lip synched. Watching Tomochin moved her duck lips to sing along but extravagantly failed to looks like it’s real was most pathetic. When I search “morning musume live” on you tube, big portion of their performance is indeed live. haven’t find one yet “AKB48 live” that is really live. Now I don’t hate AKB, nor I am a momusu fan. I like both of them equally, I just accept the fact that akb doesn’t sing live is their minus point.

  4. This post was kinda… bitter. Look, i LOVE akb and the new morning musume. Can’t we just they they are both good for differnt reasons? Why does one have to be better?

    Some people like mm better and some like akb better.
    Akb has higher sales right now, and have for a while and MM have higher sales overall (if you compare MM and AKB’s first five years to each other).
    AKB is more popular right now. Morning musume is out of favour right now.

    These are the facts, lets not be bitter and mean spirted or you will only bring more hate between the fandoms.

    And for the record i like AKB better right now (not really into MM members but with the addition of Susuki Kanon that may change) but it doesn’t mean i can’t be civil to MM fans.

  5. Along with their music, AKB48 are fantastic entertainers to me, so great that even myself, don’t care about if they lipsync quite excessively or not – I still love them for who they are. To be honest, I do prefer watching H!P concerts since the majority are live and it’s more entertaining than watching people lipsync but currently their music hasn’t been so.. “WOW!” like AKB48s’.

  6. Your love for AKB48 is blinding you to the truth. There is nothing wrong with preferrng AKB48 over Morning Musume, but Morning Musume members are more polished singers and performers, and that’s a fact. Even Akimoto himself said that AKB48 is not meant to be polished. Now, watch this video starting at 0:30 where Morning Musume and AKB48 are singing the same song on the same stage and you be the judge. The difference is so profound even you cannot deny it (of course you can not care about it, about deny you cannot).

  7. I’m sorry but I strongly disagree.
    Hello!Project does NOT lip sync. The only one who probably lip syncs is Sayu. Have you ever heard of Sera Myu? Well if you haven’t I sugguest watching it. You can tell the differance between lip syncing and singing live after you listen to a few songs. A perfect example is 2nd gen s/mileage. Listen to some of those girls sing live, there is a distinct differance between recorded versions and live. Another example would also be Sayu. Her voice can get very nasally and its obvious when that happens. Risako’s voice is very strong and she can show that when she sings live. Airi’s can charm anyone with her voice because it has that special something in it, Miya’s voice is simply elegant, Gaki’s voice is also strong and she can handle it quite well, and so many others who can really shine when they give it there all.
    I honestly don’t give a fuck if Hello!Project doesn’t have as many concerts. Thats what makes them special, the fact that you can see them live every so often which makes it all the more to look forward to. Also I read their blogs, the individual groups have a lot of handshake events, small little things here and there, plus the concerts the individual groups do. If I read correctly Berryz recently had a concert.
    Look, I like both AKB48 and Hello!Projct. I have been a hello!project fan longer so I support them in this whole debate. However I am also an avid AKB48 fan.

    I am assuming you are an AKB48 fan correct? If you are that would make sense why you would have so many negitive things to say about them.
    My only argument being a Hello!Project fan is that your all stupid for trying to compare fucking girl groups.

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