Its quite clear…

That the AKB48 management has very little confidence in the newly selected senbatsu group for the upcoming single, Chance no Junban. As you all know, the senbatsu for this single was chosen at that Rock-Paper-Scissors tournament, which was apparently a huge success. The winner of the tournament was Team K member and former Research Student Mayumi Uchida. The senbatsu for this single only has a few of the normal members, so it is a big gamble for AKB48, especially coming after the huge success that Beginner was, and still is.

Now, it was announced awhile ago that instead of the usual Undergirls/Theater Girls routine, each Team would get their own track and PV on the single. Sounds good to me! Well, its quite clear the management thought that too, because from the looks of it, all the budget on this single went to the team tracks, and not the main one. Some magazine scans showing shots from the 3 Team PV’s were released online, so judge for yourself:

And here’s the PV for Chance no Junban:

I don’t know about you, but it just seems that the superior PV’s and songs are the the Team tracks. Is this the Managements way of making sure the single doesn’t bomb? Likely not. This is AKB48 were talking about. This single is going to sell boatloads regardless, but I do think that the management didn’t have much confidence in the main Senbatsu for this single, so they made sure the Team tracks were far superior in nearly every way. This is just my opinion, so feel free to disagree.


Thing to be excited for (aka Things I’M excited for)

So its nearly December, which means were full into the Holiday season. That also means all sort of stuff is being released or announced or whatever, and as always, this is the time of year where I’m flat broke. So here’s some of the stuff I’m looking forward to in the coming couple of months.

Gundam 00 A Wakening of the Trailblazer DVD/Blu-Ray Release:
This is the thing I’m anticipating the most. I’ve actually seen bits of the movie via cam-rips that were released onto the internet, but its only got me wanting to see the whole thing on Blu-Ray. From everything I’ve heard and the bits I’ve seen, its a pretty frakking sweet movie, and considering its got aliens (who are also pretty frakking sweet), I need this movie NOW!

AKB48 Subunit French Kiss Second Single “If”
Yay! Yukirin’s subunit French Kiss is getting another single! This means that they weren’t just a one shot and are likely to become another of AKB’s regular subunits. I loved their first single, and I really loved the mini-drama that came with it. It was quite entertaining. The good news is that the second single will be getting a mini-drama of its own as well. I can see this becoming FK’s trademark, or at least I hope it does. Its quite a unique idea.

These are the two things I’m most looking forward too, but there not the only things, here’s a quick rundown of other stuff being released that I’m defenitly looking forward too, just not as much as those two:
– AKB48’s 19th Single – Chance no Junban (Release Date – 2010/12/08)
– AKB48’s PSP Game AKB1/48 – Idol to Koishitara… (Release Date – 2010/12/23)

I was gonna buy the PSP game, but had to give it up for now because it was just so much money for me to spend around Christmas…that and with the 00 Movie coming out I had to shift priorities. Gundam defenitly comes before AKB48. Also, I’m not really all that excited for the new AKB single. I’ll wait for the songs to come out to pass judgment, but it defenitly won’t be a single I’ll be buying for awhile.


And now some other stuff I thought I’d share; newly released scans showcasing some of the mecha from the Gundam 00 Movie, of particular interest is the ELS (aka the Aliens) GN-X IV. For those who are unaware, the aliens in the 00 Movie, the ELS (Extra-terrestrial Living-metal Shape-shifters) are able to assimilate technology and then assume that form at will. Its also interesting to note that they only have to assimilate something once to acquire its “data” so to speak, afterward any ELS probe can assume that form (though I think for the bigger stuff like ships and even some MS, multiple ELS units have to merge together. They are quite an interesting alien concept, and I really look forward to seeing more of them when I finally get my hands on the movie. But anyway, here are the scans in question:

Here’s the lowdown on the scans. The first depicts the ELS version of the GN-X IV. Notice how it can simply shift its arms into the various weapons, as apposed to carrying them. The dual-Bazooka looks particularily badass. You can also note that the Cone is noticably larger, reflecting the original ELS probe form (which generally appear as large spear//lance shapes). The first scan also depicts the Gadelazza and the girl in the movie who is one of the first to be assimilated (at least partially) by the ELS. It should be noted that the Gadelazza might be a contender for the biggest Mobile Armor in Gundam history. I think official spec put it at around 300 meters long, meaning that its bigger than most Gundam ships, and its defenitly bigger than most 00 ships.

In the second scan, we have the 00 Quan[T] after purging its armor for the Quantum Burst. Its likely that the armor purge is to allow a better flow of GN particles, as the Burst is essentially a massive expulsion of GN particles, so the more exit points across the body, the better. To the side is the Harutes face when it enters its advanced “Marute” mode, and below is the GN Blade II Kai used by Setsuna’s Union Flag. The MS on the bottom is called the Sakibure, and it appears at the end of the movie, nearly 50 years after the events of the battle with the ELS. Apparently, an ELS organism is built into the MS, presumably in the head. It also appears to be a worker MS. The Third scan gives us some details on the various equipment of the GN-X IV. We’ve got the standard beam rifles, the long rifle, buster swords, Shoulder binders, etc. Quite the versatile MS.

The last 2 scans are from the 00 manga’s (I believe 00I and the Movie manga are the ones in question). The first depicts the ELS version of the Arios Ascalon, and it looks more like something out of G Gundam than 00, due to its monstrous appearance. The second of course depicts an ELS 00 Raiser (as the 00 is assimilated in the movie). And though its not totally clear, it would appear that below this 00 Raiser is ANOTHER 00 Raiser, meaning that its possible that the ELS fielded multiple 00 Raisers in the final battle. Also note that all ELS MS have a single blue-dot eye (its not blue in the manga for obvious reasons, but every shot from the movie shows their GN-X IV’s with a blue eye.

Lipsynching – Why AKB48 does it and why I don’t give a rats ass if they do or not

Lurking around the cesspool of a forum that is Hello!Online, I have noticed that whenever discussion of either a Morning Musume or AKB48 single pops up, there is always a heated argument between the two sides of Idol fandom. Its not all-out war, but more akin to the odd border-skirmish. However, AKB48 fans are clearly the winners every time, at least over at H!O where the intelligence level is at an all-time low on the H!P side of things. But anyway, the combative topic of late seems to by lipsynching, so I thought I’d share some opinions and observations with you on the subject. I would have posted this over at H!O to get my point across, but I gave up on that place long ago.

So the argument most H!P fans bring to the table is that AKB48 lipsynchs nearly every performance they do, even their theatre shows and rarely does anything live. This seems to equate to them that the AKB48 girls are all bad singers. Now, does AKB48 lipsynch? Yeah, they do, and quite a bit actually. Does this make me think less of the group? Not at all. It all comes down to this; their Idols, not true artists, so to speak. But does this mean that none of them are decent singers? Hell no. Heck, I can name quite a few AKB48 members of the top of my head who are phenomenal singers; Yuki Kashiwagi (duh), Sayaka Akimoto, Minami Takahashi, Yuka Masuda, Ayaka Umeda, Misaki Iwasa…the list does in fact go on. AKB48 does have some damn good singers, and they do lipsynch, and I don’t care if they do.

But here’s the kicker, and the one thing H!P fans always seem to forget; frequency of performances. H!P has like what, a couple of concert series a year? The bottom line is they don’t perform a whole lot of live shows, and in those shows, they do lipsynch, just like AKB48 does. H!P fans can deny it all they want, but we know they do. Now, how much does AKB48 perform. Well, Not only do they have periodic concert tours, but they seem to have unique concerts at least once a month, the AX series of concerts once a year…oh, and they perform near DAILY at their theater. That’s a lot of performances, and this is what I think is the reason for lipsynching so much. Performing all the time can be a strain, so they can’t always be at the top of their game. Lipsynching just ensures us that when they do go live, its damn good.

So yeah, AKB48 lipsynchs, and I don’t care. I still love them. H!P fans, its time to find a new argument to wield against AKB, because your running out of options fast.