AKB48’s Latest single another Record breaker

So, anyone else feel that its time for other Idol groups to just pack up and call it a day? (I’m just kidding…sort of)

AKB48’s latest single, Beginner, has once again proven that there is no better musical act in Japan than AKB48. In its first day alone, the single sold a staggering 568,095. Why is this so big, you ask? Well, not only have they nearly eclipsed their previous few singles total sales in ONE DAY, but this is the largest First Day sales tally since the Oricon charts in Japan first starting keeping track. Chalk up another broken record for AKB48. Someone should really compile a list, it seems like they break records every other day now.

This is great news for the group. But it does make me think. Its quite clear that AKB48 is on a level entirely of their own, and it seems no one can touch them, not even mighty boy-band Arashi. And what about poor old H!P and Morning Musume? I mean, they don’t even register as a threat for AKB anymore. They really need to just pack their bags and call it quits, if you ask me. Their clearly not up to producing quality music, because if they were, I’m sure they’d be selling at least half-decently. Now, this is just my opinion, so feel free to disagree, of course.

It does make you wonder though, if AKB48 will keep rising upwards, or if they will ever reach a point of decline, just like MM did. Only time will tell I suppose.
(sorry for the short post, its 1:30 am where I am so I’m not really up to going into much depth with this at this time 🙂 )


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