Future Project

So yesterday I was browsing around Hello!Online, seeing what new inane things all the H!P fans there are saying these days. I stopped any serious posting there awhile ago, though I used to be a frequent user there for quite sometime. Anyway, I happened to remember that the site supports user blogs, and I only then remembered I had made one awhile back myself.

So I thought it might be fun to see what I had posted there, and lo and behold, I found something I thought lost forever; the beginnings of an old fan-fiction series I had started writing. I say “lost forever” because the original copy had been on my old laptop, which was recently wiped clean in an effort to get it working after a fatal crash.

What I had written wasn’t a whole lot; just a basic outline of the stories setting and a rough first chapter, not much, but a start.

I guess I should tell you what the story is about. Its a Gundam fan-fic, but not in the way you might think. It doesn’t take place in any of the already well-founded Gundam universes, my story takes place in a whole new setting of my own creating, though In creating the setting, I found myself influenced by elements from Gundam 00 and the Halo Universe in particular. For me, I’ve always wanted Gundam to expand beyond Earth and do a series that spans the Galaxy, sort of like Halo does, thus I set out to do it myself (though, after reading some spoilers about the Gundam 00 movie, we could be headed in this direction if more series are set in the 00 universe).

So like I said, I rediscovered the outline and first chapter on H!O, and thought to myself that know would be a good time to not only continue working on it, but also heavily refine it. I had actually started writing a second chapter, but it was lost along with the original draft. Thinking back on it though, it wasn’t too great, and know that its gone, I can take the story in a different direction.

Know, here’s where this blog comes in, along with something I’d like your opinions on. I thought it might be cool if I post the story up on here as I write it, as a way of getting it out there and seeing what people think.

Here’s the second thing. This is becoming primarily AKB48/SKE48 related blog, and I had the fun idea of somehow incorporating AKB48 into my story, really just because I thought it might be fun to do, and it might keep you guys a little more interested, but more because it sounds fun.

So yeah, there won’t be any set times in which I post pieces of this story, as I can be pretty slow when it comes to this kind of thing, but I will post them up as I work on it.


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