AKB48 19th Single Janken Tournament – Results and some thoughts

So the other day was the day all of us AKB48 fans had been waiting for, the Janken tourney to decide the senbatsu for AKB48’s 19th single. Well, the tournament has come and gone, and what are the results?:

(Image from Stage48, Image credit: Malachite)

So there we go, Uchida Mayumi is the center for this single, I don’t think anyone saw this coming. The rest of the Senbatsu is quite suprising, especially Acchan being 15th.

Now, here’s where I talk about why I don’t like this. Practically none of my favorites made it in, and my all time favorite is in the Theater Girls…that sucks. Now, don’t get me wrong, Uchida is a damn talented girl, I’ve always thought that, but I just don’t see her as a center for a single. I also just don’t like seeing all of my favorites get such low positions.

So running down a list of my top 5 favorites, lets see how they did:
1) Kashiwagi Yuki (Position: Theater Girls) – This is the one that pisses me off the most. Yukirin does not belong in Theater girls. Though, It does suck she was up against Chikarina in the first round, so either way, one of my favorites was getting knocked out in the first round. But still, I hate the fact Yukirin lost.

2) Iwasa Misaki (Position: Theater Girls) Yet another of my favs only makes it into theatre girls. I really think she deserves to be in senbatsu.

3) Katayama Haruka (Position: Undergirls) I’m starting to think Haachan will never make into Senbatsu. Once again, she’s relegated to undergirls, and she deserves far better.

4) Fujie Reina (Position: Theater Girls) Uggh, another favorite in TG’s. This tourney was not kind to my favorites.

5) Chikano Rina (Position: Senbatsu #16) This is the only bright spot of this whole single for me. I’m glad Chikarina finally got into senbatsu, if only just.

Now, the fandom itself seems pretty happy that someone other than a frontgirl got into senbatsu, and I suppose I should be too. It at least proves that this tournament wasn’t rigged, and if anything, some of the more under-appreciated girls will get a chance to shine in this crazy senbatsu.

But still, practically none of my favorites got good positions, so of course I’m going to be disapointed. Why whould I be happy about this? I may like alot of the girls who made it into the high ranks, but I have my clear favorites, and I’m disapointed that none of them got great spots.

This should at least be an interesting single at the very least, but I do have one thing to say; I’m going to be far more interested in what songs the Undergirls/Theatre Girls get.

One more thing: This was an interesting experiment…let it never happen again.


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