Momoiro Clover kicks ass, and some kids get cut (from AKB48).

I mentioned in an earlier post how much I loved the two singles by Momoiro Clover, however since then, I admit I haven’t paid much attention to them. Its not because I stopped liking them or anything, far from it. Well, the girls finally released their major debut single, Ikuze! Kaito Shojo, a little while back:

Only now have I got around to listening to it, and my verdict?

Holy shit, this stuff is frakking awesome!

Not since AKB48’s RIVER have I been blown away by a single release. The single has two songs, Ikuze! Kaito Shojo and Hashire!, and both are made of incredible amounts of win. The one thing thats immediately noticeable is that both songs kinda lack that traditional Japanese sound that the first two singles use to great effect, and some figured would be their trademark. Normally, I would think this is a bad thing; going from a unique sound in the first two singles to what could be considered, I suppose, as a more mainstream sound. But frakk it, these songs kick so much amounts of ass I don’t care if they don’t have the traditional sound to them.

I think before this single, I was more of a casual fan of Momoclo. Well, no more. I am officially a huge fan of this group, and will defenitly be following them from know on. Heck, I’ve already got 2 of their singles on order. Their latest single also has a version for each member, and I decided to go with my fav, Hayami Akari. She’s always been my fav ever since I first discovered the group, and from what I can get, she’s kind of the underdog of the group, so that drew me to her even more. Also, I think she stands out the most out of any of the girls.

So yeah, if you haven’t checked out Momoiro Clover yet, do so know. You won’t be disappointed.

Now on to the other thing I wanted to talk about; the recent cuts to the AKB48 Kenkyuusei roster. Ever since the last generation of RS, they’ve decided to cull the group of those they feel aren’t up to the task. Well, its that time of year again, and who didn’t survive this time around?

Takamatsu Eri

Ishiguro Atsuki

Fujimoto Sara

Kinumoto Momoko

Now, I don’t honestly follow the Research Students as much as others do. As far as I am concerned, I only really give a damn if they are promoted to a team. Besides, the last couple generations of RS have been kind of forgettable, except for a few key members. However, it always sucks to see some of them, especially those who are hard working, let go.

Well, all except for Fujimoro Sara, that is. This is the girl who auditioned for the last gen of RS, made it in, got cut, then audtioned again for this current gen, and has now been cut a second time. Most fans over at Stage48 are in an uproar about this, saying that management can’t see the talent she has. Now, normally, I would agree with this, but I could never understand why Sara was so popular over at S48. Perhaps its the fact that she’s still quite young, or just the fact I never really saw her in action that much, but I just never got swept up in the craze. But part of me also thinks that maybe, just maybe, she’s truly not right for the idol world. She has now been cut TWICE from AKB48. The first time might have been a fluke or something, but she’s been cut a second time. You don’t cut someone twice from something without good reason. If she auditions a third time, I’m just gonna laugh.

Its weird though that Ishiguro Atsuki got cut, considering she made into the Undergirls for the next AKB single. Some are alleging that she was let go because of photo’s that surfaced of her with someone who was/is likely her boyfriend. I would have to assume this is the reason she was let go, because quite frankly she was quite talented, and was apparently somewhat popular over in Japan. I should also mention that Takamatsu Eri wasn’t actually cut, but chose to leave on her own. Its a shame really, she looks like she could have been a great member of AKB48.

And if I have heard correctly, new RS have debuted in recent days in B5. Here’s hoping there’s some good talent in this new batch.


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