New Arrival – HG G Gundam

My last gunpla purchase for awhile (at least until HG 00 Quan[T] is released in the fall) arrived today; HG G Gundam.

For the longest time, G Gundam has been one of my favorite Gundam mecha of all time, only now being surpassed in my personal rankings by Exia and Unicorn. I believe my first encounter with it was in the old Gundam Battle Assault Fighting games, where it was one of my constant favorites. Considering how it fights, its perfect for games like those, in my opinion. In the more recent Gundam Musou games, its without a doubt my favorite unit to play as.

The main thing I’ve always loved about it is how such an over the top machine, one that can do Dragonball Z style energy attacks and all sorts of other crazy super robot stuff, can look so sleek, streamlined, and appealing to the eyes. In short, its a super robot that doesn’t look very much like a super robot. Its very Gundam, I suppose.

As soon as it was announced that an HG kit of the G Gundam was on its way, I knew I had to have it, and finally, here it is. Hopefully this weekend, I’ll have some pics of it, assuming I can get around to building it, that is.


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