It’s official: I’m officially feeling the effects of AKB/SKE related wallet-rape

Interesting fact of the day: This post was written up on my new iPad. Fantastic device, by the way.

While making another AKB related purchase today, I officially realized that I am being sucked dry by all sorts of AKB/SKE merchandise as of late.

My current AKB/SKE purchases(aka what I have on pre order):
– both versions of the upcoming AKB AND SKE singles.
– Team Dragon’s upcoming single release ( Yuki Kashiwagi ver.)
– SKE48 Team S’ 2nd Stage Album

The big reason as to why things are getting kinda costly is the fact that I started using CDJapan to buy all of my AKB/ SKE related stuff. They always offer all the awesome little bonuses that come with the first press editions ( for instance, the Yukirin version of the Team Dragon single not only comes with a Yuki card but a poster as well). It’s little things like those that make the First Press editions so worthwhile. However, CDJapan charges an arm and a leg for shipping, especially if you want the fastest method.

The other reason for the huge costs is the way both groups release their singles: two different versions. The difference between the versions is usually a different cover and lately a different accompanying tracks. It’s truly a clever way to get more money and sales from the fans who will blindingly buy both versions.

Guess I’m one of those fans now.

It’s truly a testament of our commitment to the two 48 groups when we can identify a blatant sales tactic and yet still spend our hard earned money on two versions of the same single or DVD or whatever. We truly are devoted fans.

Or were all just stupid, I’m not too sure…


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