2010 AKB48 Senbatsu Election – Results, and some commentaries

So as most of you know, the latest AKB single Ponytail to Shushu allowed those who purchased it to vote in the latest Senbatsu election, which will decide the members who take part in the next single. Well, the voting is finally over, and the results are in:

01. Oshima Yuko (31448)
02. Maeda Atsuko (30851)
03. Shinoda Mariko (23139)
04. Itano Tomomi (20513)
05. Watanabe Mayu (20088)

06. Takahashi Minami (17787)
07. Kojima Haruna (16231)
08. Kashiwagi Yuki (15466)
09. Miyazawa Sae (12560)
10. Matsui Jurina (12168)
11. Matsui Rena (12082)
12. Kasai Tomomi (11080)
13. Takajo Aki (11062)
14. Minegishi Minami (9692)
15. Ono Erena (9468)
16. Kitahara Rie (8836)
17. Akimoto Sayaka (8049)
18. Sato Amina (6921)
19. Sashihara Rino (6704)
20. Nakagawa Haruka (6567)
21. Miyazaki Miho (6371)


22. Ota Aika (6145)
23. Kuramochi Asuka (5355)
24. Oya Masana (4634)
25. Masuda Yuka (4137)
26. Hirajima Natsumi (4106)
27. Ishida Haruka (3235)
28. Shimazaki Haruka (3076)
29. Nito Moeno (2693)
30. Komori Mika (2613)
31. Sato Sumire (2591)
32. Umeda Ayaka (2499)
33. Fujie Reina (2460)
34. Yonezawa Rumi (2171)
35. Takayanagi Akane (2030)
36. Yamauchi Suzuran (1945)
37. Katayama Haruka (1935)
38. Yagami Kumi (1909)
39. Matsubara Natsumi (1854)
40. Ishiguro Atsuki (1604)

Of course, the one thing that everyone can’t stop talking about is the fact that Acchan has finally been dethroned from her top spot by Yuko. I for one see this as a breath of fresh air. Some fans, however, are taking it too far, saying that because of this, the next single won’t sell as well and that AKB is going to lose its popularity. Well, those fans are frakking stupid. I’m pretty sure Acchan is not the sole reason AKB is enjoying immense popularity these days. Besides, its not like she was knocked out the ranking all together, she went down ONE spot. I think regardless of her ranking, she’ll still hog all of the spotlight.

Now, there are a couple of other ranking’s I’d like to briefly comment on:
08. Kashiwagi Yuki (15466) – How could I not comment on my Oshimen? Yukirin’s getting more popular by the day! I think last election she was 11th (or maybe 10th, I forget), but to move up to 8th is just awesome. Its nice to see Yukirin finally getting the recognition she deserves.

11. Matsui Rena (12082)
– I’m glad this time around Rena was elected into Senbatsu. Not that she wasn’t great with the Undergirls, but she deserves a higher position. I also find it amusing that she’s ranked right next to Jurina.

24. Oya Masana (4634) – Masana in Undergirls? Awesome! I was so surprised to see her rank at all in the election, and I’m sure she’ll be fantastic in the Undergirls group. Here’s hoping she gets at least some screen-time in their PV.

40. Ishiguro Atsuki (1604) – I think this is one of the research students, but why did she rank at all? I think the management has forgotten what being a research student actually means. The whole point of them is that their trainees, who have to work to get into a team and thus be considered for singles. Now, their treated as full-fledged idols pretty much from the get-go. Its a real slap in the face to full-team members who didn’t rank at all when a research student is ranked at all.

I really do hope this is the last election, but I’m not going to get my hopes up. I’m just not a big fan of popularity contests I suppose.


3 thoughts on “2010 AKB48 Senbatsu Election – Results, and some commentaries

  1. my joy for W Matsui’s making it to senbatsu is a default.

    But Masana in UG is just as awesome. So happy for her! I know Sayu is too. 😀

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