Anime North Loot…and some other stuff.

The Anime North Convention held in Toronto is this weekend, and as always I was there with my friend to buy as much anime related stuff as we possibly could. This year, I came out with a ton of awesome stuff, so lets take a look.

I greatly expanded my Gundam DVD collection today, getting both the complete collections for G and Wing Gundams, and the entire first season and first part of the second season of Gundam 00. Guess I’ll have to take a weekend or two to watch all of them in succession.

The cool thing about the Gundam 00 DVD’s was that they included copies of the 00 manga. Volume 1 of Season 1 even included a copy of the first issue of 00F.

And here’s the model kits I came home with. As you can see, I am know the proud owner of the Perfect Grade 00 Raiser. Its my first perfect grade kit, so I’m anxious to get started on it. I just hope I have room for it. I also picked up the always awesome Astraea Type F, and the Cougar type-1 from the game Border Break.

Also got alot new AKB stuff in recently, and by AKB I mean SKE:

The S2 DVD is fantastic, defenitly my favorite Stage to watch out of any AKB/SKE stages, though I’m sure that will change when the S3 DVD comes out, which brings me to how awesome S3 is! I’m defenitly glad that SKE releases their stage albums and dvd’s normally, unlike AKB, which makes you have to preorder through Japanese only sites and whatnot. Here’s hoping that SKE keeps the same business model they have now.


One thought on “Anime North Loot…and some other stuff.

  1. Yes I agree . It’s hard to buy an AKB album and DVD when its released through their theatre. Don’t know why they do it

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