AKB48 Team K 6th Stage – RESET

Sorry for the long wait for this everyone. The last month or so of university was hell, and really took away the desire to blog from me. But that’s all over for now, so I’m back just in time for summer!

So at long last, the new teams have started their run. The new Team K is the first to start their stage, and I have to say, it is freaking awesome! As you are well aware, I was never the biggest fan of the old Team K. I didn’t really have a favorite member on Team K and their stages just never appealed to me as a whole.

But this new Team K is a whole different thing, and so far, it is such an awesome Team. Watching this stage, I felt like they took some of the best members from each team and put them into K. This new team is such fun to watch!

So before I get to my review of the stage, here’s is the obligatory set list:

M00. Remon no toshigoro
M02. Sentaku monotachi
M03. kanojo ni naremasu ka?
M05. Seifuku Resistance (Itano (Center), Ono, Nito)
M06. Kiseki wa aida ni awanai (Miyazawa (Center) , Nonaka, Yonezawa)
M07. Gyukuten Oujisama (Minegishi (Center), Uchida, Nakatsuka)
M08. Ashita no tame n kiss wo (Akimoto (Center), Kikuchi (Center), Tanabe, Matsui)
M09. Kokoro no hashi no Sofa (Oshima (Center) , Fujie, Umeda)
M10. Dokugumo
M11. Okera
M12. White Day ni wa…
M13. Jigsaw puzzle 48
EN1. Hoshizora no Mistake
EN2. Yume no kane
EN3. Hikkoshimashita

The interesting thing about this stage is that they begin with a song sung by 4 research students. Now, I know none of them, aside from Shimizaki Haruka (who, despite my previous grumblings, is quite decent on stage). I actually quite liked the song. Its sweet and I like that they decided to do something different to open the stage with. Perhaps each new stage will have its own RS song?

The one thing I can defenitly say about this stage is that it is far superior to any Team K stage prior. Its got such a great sound and style to it. Heck, some of the songs have so much energy I could have sworn I was watching an old Team B stage. The one thing that defenitly sticks out for me in this stage, and this might just be me, is a definitive 80’s/retro sound and feel. I found practically every song memorable in some way, and really, that’s what sells this stage for me. Going back to K5, I found most songs there boring and unremarkable. Here, that is defenitly not the case.

In regards to the members, Tomomi Itano is without a doubt the front-girl for this new stage, and to be honest…I don’t mind that. She seems to be back to her old self, if you will. For the longest time, I always noticed how she seemed bored or out of it on stage, but she is just full of energy in this stage, and that’s what I like to see. I was also happy that I got to see plenty of my favorite members of this new team; Fujie Reina, Tanabe Miku, Yonezawa Rumi and Nito Moeno. All of them had quite a bit of screen time in the LoD video, and all of them got solo lines at some point (especially Moeno, who seems to be gearing up to be one of the front girls for this new team).

In regards to songs, I really liked pretty much every one of them. I actually find it hard to pick faves with this stage. Every song is strong in some way or another, but since I don’t fell like going over EVERY song in detail, I’ll just rave about 5 that I think stand above the rest.

Without a doubt, my favorite song of the entire stage is Kiseki wa aida ni awanai. Even though I said I think this stage has an retro feel to it, this song has it in spades. I can easily picture this song being written and sung by a group in the 80’s, and as a fan of music of the time, I really like that. The performance itself is also incredibly retro, with dance moves that are easily inspired by some of Micheal Jackson’s early work. The whole song is just great in my opinion.

Next up is Yume no kane. They sure did leave one of the best for last. This is straight up a great song. Its the kind of song I could envision the old Team K doing easily. It also kind of reminds me of a couple of songs from Team S’s 2nd stage, which means that the style of music associated with SKE is slowly leaking over to AKB, which I welcome wholeheartedly.

The stages title song, RESET, is my third fave. To be honest, it is a fairly generic song, but the reason I like it is because its a title song with a bit of spunk and energy to it. Its always irked me just how bad K5’s title song was. It was boring and unremarkable, and that’s not something that should be the title song of an entire stage. I always feel that a stage is better when its title song is something that gets people moving and also feels like an upbeat, fast paced song. K4 did it right with its title song (which is still one of the best in my opinion). Feel free to disagree, but that’s just what I feel.

The one song I was really looking forward to was Kokoro no hashi no Sofa, considering its Reina’s unit song, and it did not disappoint. This is probably the strongest unit song vocal wise, as it not only has Reina, but Yuko and Umeda, so all three are exceptionally strong singers. Its a more somber tune than the rest of the stage, but I just love it. Its the kind of song that gets you into a good mood while listening to it.

My final top fav of the stage would have to be White Day ni wa…, and its really due to the fact that its just a damn catchy tune. Not much more to say about it, its just a great song.

All in all, this stage is EPIC WIN. I think I said this when I reviewed B4, but frak it, K6 is the best AKB stage to date. For me, most stages have a handful of songs that I really enjoy, and another handful I do not like and usually skip over when listening to the whole stage. This is not the case here whatsoever. I cans safely say that I like every song in this stage in some way. For me, that’s rare. This means that for me, this stage is the best yet.

I think everyone was collectively holding their breath in regards to the team shuffles, but know I think we can safely exhale. The new Team K is beyond awesome. Its like they took a bit of everything good from all 3 teams and put them into one. Needless to say, the new Team K works. No “New” Coca Cola situation here, folks. The new K is just as good as the last, if not better.

The new Team B and Team A defenitly have a tough act to follow.


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