AKB48 hits an new all-time high

AKB48’s latest single, Sakura no Shiori was just released, and already the numbers for its first day of sales have appeared. In their first day alone, they’ve managed to sell 229,528 copies! To give you an idea of how awesome that is, that number is around the same as RIVER’s TOTAL sales. That’s right, AKB48 just surpassed their previous singles total sales on THE FIRST DAY. Needless to say, its a frakking awesome day to be an AKB48 fan.

I dare say it, but I think we can officially say now that AKB48 is Japan’s top idol group, and its looking like they will hold that title for some time. In comparison, Morning Musume released a new single recently, and after about 7 days on sale have only managed to sell about 37000 copies. I wonder how all those H!P fans who hate on AKB48 are gonna react when they see AKB’s sales figures. Probably not too well.

But anyway, I am so happy for the girls. This is monumental for them.


3 thoughts on “AKB48 hits an new all-time high

  1. Man, when can the enmity stop???? I love both AKB48 and MM. It’s a very sad thing to see when it’s not the idols who were fighting but the fans. Somehow I tend to see a little bit of K-pop-style-anti-fans-syndrome creeping over the J-pop fans. Let it all be love, man! Well, MM did have their Golden moment few years back, probably it’s the turn for new leaf like AKB48 to shine. Well, probably the same gonna happen to AKB in the next 5-8years from now. probably, in the future, other group will take their turn to shine over AKB….. so to say… why the enmity????

    Well, just clearing up my mind.

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