AKB48’s Next Single – Sakura no Shiori

So finally, after much waiting, the A-Side track for AKB48’s next single has been revealed; Sakura no Shiori. That’s right, ANOTHER graduation themed song. We finally got to hear the song via a performance from the latest AKBingo;

Regardless, I do not like it one bit. Its not bad, (as in if you look at it musically its technically quite good, but just not my kind of song at all) but I don’t think this is the kind of song a J-Pop Idol group should be doing. It is likely one of the most boring songs I have ever heard. This is defenitly not the kind of song I would have chosen as the title track. Its B-side material at best.

It also doesn’t help that the songs accompanying it (Enkyorii Poster and Choose Me) are FAR superior, and the other track, Majisuka Rock ‘n’ Roll, is likely to be a pretty kick ass song as well. This means that this single is not a total loss, and I’m still actually looking forward to it, its just a shame the A-side had to be so damn boring.

But here’s hoping the single still sells well when it is released.


One thought on “AKB48’s Next Single – Sakura no Shiori

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