The BIG AKB48 Ranking List

When I refer to the BIG list, I am of course referring to the AKB48 Mixi Rankings. From what I understand, Mixi is some AKB fan site or whatever for fans in Japan. Now, every once in awhile, we get a huge ranking list of where girls place on this Mixi site. Essentially, this is THE list which shows who is popular and who is not. Kind of a cruel thing if you ask me, but hey, I guess that’s just the way things work in the idol world. I won’t pretend to understand it.

For Reference, here’s the list:
01. Shinoda Mariko
02. Maeda Atsuko
03. Oshima Yuko
04. Kojma Haruna
05. Itano Tomomi
06. Watanabe Mayu
07. Takahashi Minami
08. Kasai Tomomi
09. Ono Erena
10. Miyazawa Sae
11. Kashiwagi Yuki
12. Minegishi Minami
13. Akimoto Sayaka
14. Sato Amina
15. Takajo Aki
16. Miyazaki Miho
17. Kitahara Rie
18. Kuramochi Asuka
19. Oota Aika
20. Sashihara Rino
21. Nito Moeno
22. Masuda Yuka
23. Nakagawa Haruka
24. Hirajima Natsumi
25. Sato Sumire
26. Ishida Haruka
27. Oku Manami
28. Katayama Haruka
29. Umeda Ayaka
30. Komori Mika
31. Matsubara Natsumi
32. Kobayashi Kana
33. Kikuchi Ayaka
34. Yonezawa Rumi
35. Fujie Reina
36. Sato Natsuki
37. Matsui Sakiko
38. Nakata Chisato
39. Tanabe Miku
40. Nakatsuka Tomomi
41. Oya Shizuka
42. Maeda Ami
43. Uchida Mayumi
44. Iwasa Misaki
45. Nonaka Misato
46. Nakaya Sayaka
47. Suzuki Mariya
48. Chikano Rina

I hate looking at these rankings, fearing that my fav girls will place low, but I was pleasantly surprised to see Yukirin at number of 11. Its great to see here getting more popular, and she really deserves it. But I was shocked, and somewhat appalled to see one of my other top favs, Chikano Rina, all the way at the very bottom. She is essentially the least popular member of AKB48 at the moment. WTF? How could she be last? Chikarina is a fantastic performer, and from what I have seen of her, a joy to watch. She always looks so enthusiastic to be performing, and for me, that’s what I like to see. And she’s a decent singer to boot, so why is she last? Now, perhaps it could be due to the fact that she still is a relatively new member, so she might not have THAT many fans yet, but still…to see her last on the list breaks my heart 😦

The top 10 members aren’t really a surprise ,I guess, but can someone explain to me why Mariko is so god damn popular? I know for me, it’s her extremely deep voice that puts me off. It’s TOO deep.

These rankings always bug me, as they show that to the Japanese fans, talent doesn’t matter one bit. If you look at the girls lowest on the rankings, there are quite a few of AKB’s top talents there; Tanabe Miku, Iwasa Misaki, and Fujie Reina…just to name a few. It saddens me to see these girls so low on the rankings, when they can outperform practically half the top ten girls from this ranking.

Ah well, what can you do eh? I guess talent does not translate into popularity.


2 thoughts on “The BIG AKB48 Ranking List

  1. I couldn’t agree more. It bums me out to see so many super-talented members so far down in favor of other pushed members. I am glad you mention Wasamin and Tanamin, two of my faves. In fact, when I look at the list, everyone #38 and below is super talented. Nonaka, Nakaya, Nakatsuka, Nakata and Uchida are all exceptional performers IMO. They were all cast in Infinity for a reason. When that DVD comes out, and the shuffles commence, people will see, and the rankings will change…hopefully

  2. Yeah, people are shameless- especially when its anonymous lol. I’m really pleased that miichan is no.12, even if I was hoping for higher ;D

    She’s a good singer (wewt) and her ambition is to be the best dancer, and I think she’s doing well.

    don’t see what the fuss is about mariko, she’s like not even that pretty *-*

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