New AKB48 single songs, New WoW Dungeons and possibly a new J-Pop addiction.

So I’ve got a few things to get to today, so I’ll get right to it.

Last Tuesday saw the release of World of Warcraft’s 3.3 update patch, and boy, is it one of the best yet. First of all, let me say what a great addition the Dungeon Finder is. Essentially, you choose what role you want to play (DPS, Tank, healer) and then you can choose to queue up for either a random heroic or normal dungeon, or select from a list of all the instances which one you want to do. When you’ve queued up, all you have to do is wait till your put into a group, and your off to the dungeon. The nice things is that once your group is formed, your automatically teleported to the dungeon, so you can queue from ANYWHERE, which is awesome because you can go and do things while queuing, especially if you might have to wait a bit, but the wait times are normally not that bad. Another nice thing is that when your done and you either select to teleport out or just leave the group, you’ll be back to the spot you were at when your group was formed. Another nice thing is that if someone leaves, you’ll be put back into the Dungeon finder queue, and normally within seconds, a replacement will be found. Needless to say, as a DPS, this whole system makes getting into dungeons a WHOLE lot easier.

Now, lets move on to the new 5 man instances themselves, The Frozen Halls. There are 3 parts to this; The Forge of Souls, The Pit of Saron and the Halls of Reflection. In the Forge of Souls, you’ll face to bosses; Bronjahm, The Godfather of Souls (a humorous homage to James Brown, the Godfather of Soul) and The Devourer of Souls. The fight against Bronjahm is a fairly simple tank and spank until he starts casting Corrupt Soul on a party member. A soul orb will come out of that member and move towards Bronjahm, and if it touches him, he’ll be healed quite significantly. The best thing to do is to destroy the soul orb as quickly as possible, though he only does this a couple of times before casting Soul Storm, in which you have to move right near him to avoid taking damage. Normally when he does this, he’s done. Just keep damaging him and he’ll be down. The Devourer of Souls is a little harder. I always find this fight somewhat chaotic, but its still pretty simple. The best thing to remember is to stop attacking it when it casts Mirrored Soul on you. You’ll take damage when you deal damage to it as long as this debuff is up. It also has a nasty leaping attack, the Phantom Soul attack which you HAVE to avoid or its pretty much instant death, and an attack where he summons souls which you pretty much have to just run from. He also has a sweeping beam attack which can be pretty nasty. As long as you have decent healing and DPS, this fight is pretty easy.

The next dungeon is the Pit of Saron. Its the largest of the 3 dungeons, but in my opinion the easiest. Depending on which route you take at the beginning, the first boss you’ll fight is either Forgemaster Garfrost or Ick and Krick. The third and final boss is always Scourgelord Tyrannus. Garfrost is simple, yet throughout the fight he is always hitting you with a damage over time debuff, which can be weakened by standing behind one of the saronite boulders he throws. Other than that, its tank and spank until he’s down. Ick and Grick is a little more complicated, but still easy for a good group. In essence, you only actually fight Ick, though Krick does his own attacks from Icks back (Ick is a large zombie and Krick is a Gnome) Ick will constantly throw down patches of toxic waste, so you have to avoid those. He also will occasionally start running after one of your party members, so that person has to run away from him. Also, Ick will occasionally use a nasty poison nova attack, so make sure to get out of range of that. Kricks main attack is when he starts conjuring arcane bombs all over the place. You can continue to attack during this, just make sure to stay out of the bombs. This is one fight where you are always moving around.
Tyrannus is the final boss, and it too is fairly simple. He will occasionally cast the Overlords mark. If you do damage or healing while this is on you, Tyrannus will be healed instead, so you have to wait till its done to do anything. You also have to watch out for Tyrannus’s frost worm Rimefang, which will launch attacks from above, but you only need to kill Tyrannus.

The Final of the 3 instances is the Halls of Relection , and is, in my opinion, the best and hardest of the 3. It can be either the shortest or the longest depending on your group. The first room has you fighting 10 waves of spirits, as well as Arthas’ two right hand men, Falric and Marwyn. After the first 4 waves are down, you’ll fight Falric, and when the 9th wave is down, Marwyn will come out. Both are normally simple fights, though they can hit pretty hard. One bit of advice for the Spirt waves; fight them in one of the two alcoves of the room (where Falric and Marwyn stand) Just bunch up in one of those and it will make fighting the spirits a lot easier. Now, the 3rd and final fight is without a doubt the hardest 5 man encounter at the moment. Essentially, you have to get through 4 waves of enemies, all the while your being chased by the Lich King himself. While running to escape, Arthas will create a barrier blocking your progress and summon enemies to stop you. You have to kill the enemies as fast as possible in order to bring down the barrier, and this happens 4 times, with each consecutive wave consisting of more enemies. There are essentially 2 ways to screw this up; the Lich King as a damaging aura around him, so if you stand in that too long, you’ll die. Also, if Arthas reaches the barrier and your faction hero (Sylvannas for horde and Jaina for Alliance) he’ll do an attack which instantly kills your entire party. This is essentially a DPS race; you need lots of DPS, and you need it FAST. When you get to the end, your factions Airship (Skybreaker or Orgrims Hammer) will rise up from below and stop the Lich Kings advance. This scene is awesome and is something straight from a Hollywood movie.

Needless to say, these new instances are a blast, and I’m pretty much running them daily, in hopes that the elusive Battered Hilt will FINALLY drop…and of course to score some of the new gear that drops.


Alright on to the next new thing; the new AKB48 single…or more accurately, the 2 new songs being included in the single. Recently, a number of the girls were split into two groups, Team YJ and Team PB. Each group has their own song being included in the new single (and I think there are different versions of the single with one of them on it, if I remember correctly. So in short, if you want both songs, you need to buy two versions of the single) and both songs are, in my opinion, equally awesome. The two songs are:

Team PB – Enkyori Poster
Team YJ – Choose Me!

Both songs are very upbeat, with Choose Me! being a fast paced rock song (like straight up rock, not to many hints of pop in it) and Enkyori is more a combination of pop/rock. Most of the fandom seems to be favouring Choose Me! over Enkyori, but I found both equally appealing, with both sounding distinctive. Though, I have to say I favor Enkyori a little bit more, because Yukirin is in Team PB, and she seems to be the main vocalist for the song (which is awesome!)

Needless to say, with these 2 songs being so good, I can’t wait to hear the A and B sides; hopefully they can live up to these 2 songs.


So now, on to the last bit of new stuff, at least for me.

If you have been over to either International Wota or CK’s Blogs, you’ll have seen everyone raving over a…somewhat…new idol group, Momoiro Clover.

(In order from top left to bottom right)
Sasaki, Hayami, Takagi
Tamai, Momota, Ariyasu

I say somewhat new because they’ve been around since sometime last year, but have only started releasing singles this year. They also had about 5 members graduate (including Takai Tsukina who not to long ago graduated from SKE48) before they started doing singles. I have to give credit to CK for getting me into this group as without his initial post on them, I likely would never have heard of them, let along form some interest in them, so thanks!

It seems this group (which consists of 5 girls, Takagi Reni, Momota Kanako, Ariyasu Momoka, Hayami Akari, Tamai Shiori and Sasaki Ayaka) is taking the world (of Idol fandom) by storm, and after listening to their singles, I understand why. Their awesome! One thing that I noticed everyone seems to like about Momoiro is their traditional Japanese sound, and I have to agree. It is very present in their songs (and more so in their first single) and if anything it really separates this group from the others out there. They have one of the most distinctive sounds I have heard in quite some time.Their songs so far are not generic pop tunes. They are in a whole other bracket. I can’t do their songs justice just by talking about them, you really have to give them a listen for yourselves. So far though, I would have to say that their debut song, Momoiro Punch, is my favorite so far.

So I think its safe to say I will be following this group, for sure.


So that’s it for today. Now its back to the Frozen Halls for me….


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