Top 15 AKB48/SKE48 Song List

So I’ve done the whole member ranking thing, now its time for the songs. I am going to include some of my favorite S2 songs in this list because quite frankly, their too good to leave out.

One thing I should point out is that the order or position of these songs is really not a factor. In reality, all these songs are pretty much my top favorite songs. I don’t really like one over the other. This was originally going to be a Top 10, but when I was writing this up, I realized I had way more than 10 favorite AKB/SKE songs, so I upgraded it to a top 15, though I could have easily gone to 20.

15. Itoshiki Natasha (B4)
How can you not love this song? Its the closest AKB48 is going to come to a heavy metal performance in my opinion.

14. Kaiyuugyo no Capacity (K4)
The main reason I love this song is because of its intro piece; its a sped up version of the non-vocal section of Van Halen’s hit song Jump. Seriously, listen to the first few seconds of this song, then go listen to Jump. Its the same thing.

13. Saishuu Bell ga naru (K4)
Probably the strongest song of K4. Its got a rocking beat, and for me, its the kind of song I think of when I think Team K (the old Team K at least).

12. Zannen Shoujo (B4)
Its this song that made me start liking Watanabe Mayu a whole lot more. She’s great in this, and really makes this song.

11. Yokosuka Curve (B4)
This song has a weird into, but then dives right into one of the best rock/pop songs AKB48 has had to date.

10. Rope no Yuujou (S2)
Probably one of the best songs in S2. Its a great rock-style song, and just more proof about how awesome and talented Team S is.

9. B-Stars (B4)
I don’t think this song is too popular with AKB48 fans, but I just love it. Then again, I love high energy songs. And this is about as high-energy as you can get.

8. Choco no Yukue (S2)
This is another song that I don’t think is too popular with fans of S2, but I’ve come to adore it, and it does help that this is Oya Masana’s unit song, and she is quickly becoming my favorite Team S member. She’s awesome!

7. AKB Sanjou (A5)
This is likely the only anthem style song team A has, and its a damn good one. If anything, this should be AKB48’s anthem, and not that crap of a song Hikouki Gumo.

6. Innocence (S2)
Another strong offering from S2, and I do mean strong. They bring out all the best singers in Team S for this song, and it makes this song freaking fantastic.

5. Kuroi Tenshi (A5)
I’m actually surprised I like this song so much, considering its Acchan’s unit song, but Reina Fujie is also in this unit, and she is defenitly the best singer in the song, so it makes up for it. But in all fairness, its an awesome song. The best version of this song for me is the shuffle version from the Budokan concert, where Haachan, Yukirin and Nakayan were put into this unit. Now that’s a strong combination.

4. Oogoe Diamond (Single, A5)
You know how much I love this song. I’ve raved about it about a dozen times on this blog alone. Need I say more?

3. Romance Rocket (S2)
This was one of the first songs I absolutely loved in S2. Its just a fun song to listen too, and it has a cool sci-fi feel to it.

2. Junjou shugi (B3)
How can anyone not like this song? Seriously. Its Haachan’s B3 unit song. You HAVE to like it….seriously.

1. RIVER (single)
I think this song has set a new standard for future singles. Its a big departure from previous AKB songs, and the sales of this single prove that it works…well.


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