AKB48 (And SKE48 Team S!) Member Ranker Mark II

So, before I start, I’ll mention that the review of the Team A Fukuoka concert IS coming, however it will likely be some time before I get around to it.

So the last time I did one of these member rankers was quite some time ago, and looking back on it, my ranking has changed DRASTICALLY since last time. I figured now would be as good a time as any to do an updated version. Now, this one is going to be a lot less detailed than the last one, seeing as I don’t have near enough time to write up a full member ranker like last time, and I’m adding in SKE48 into this one as well. So lets see how the members rank up for me now!

1. Kashiwagi Yuki
2. Katayama Haruka
3. Sato Amina
4. Chikano Rina
5. Fujie Reina
6. Sato Natsuki
7. Yonezawa Rumi
8. Nito Moeno
9. Tanabe Miku
10. Yuko Oshima
11. Akimoto Sayaka
12. Matsubara Natsumi
13. Watanabe Mayu
14. Iwasa Misaki
15. Sashihara Rino
16. Masuda Yuka
17. Takajo Aki
18. Sato Sumire
19. Miyazaki Miho
20. Miyazawa Sae
21. Takahashi Minami
22. Kojima Haruna
23. Kikuchi Ayaka
24. Kasai Tomomi
25. Umeda Ayaka
26. Itano Tomomi
27. Hirajima Natsumi
28. Ono Erena
29. Uchida Mayumi
30. Minegishi Minami
31. Nakata Chisato
32. Oota Aika
33. Nakatsuka Tomomi
34. Nakaya Sayaka
35. Nakagawa Haruka
36. Nonaka Misato
37. Kitahara Rie
38. Suzuki Mariya
39. Maeda Ami
40. Ooya Shizuka
41. Ishida Haruka
42. Matsui Sakiko
43. Kobayashi Kana
44. Oku Manami
45. Kuramochi Asuka
46. Shinoda Mariko
47. Komori Mika
48. Maeda Atsuko

One of the biggest changes I made to my ranking is defenitly the positions of Fujie Reina and Watanabe Mayu. Mayu is still not top 10 material, but I like her a ton more lately. B4 really helped in changing my opinion towards her. And I recently found out just how damn talented Reina is. Defenitly one of the most talented in AKB48. Oh, and sorry Komori Mika fans, but she is just not doing it for me. After watching her in the Team B Nagoya concert, I am saddened that she is going to be in the new Team B. She needs to VASTLY improve her abilities on stage (Like not moving like a stick and actually showing some emotion), otherwise she’s going to be second to last on my ranking list.

SKE48 Team S (The reason I’m not doing Team KII is because I know NOTHING about them, and they have yet to get their own original stage. I’ll likely check them out them they do)
1. Matsushita Yui
2. Matsui Rena
3. Oya Masana
4. Matsui Jurina
5. Hirata Rikako
6. Takada Shiori
7. Nakanishi Yuka
8. Yamashita Moe
9. Hiramatsu Kanako
10. Yagami Kumi
11. Shinkai Rina
12. Ono Haruka
13. Mori Sayuki
14. Deguchi Aki
15. Kuwabara Mizuki

To be honest, I still don’t know a lot about most of the Team S girls either, but I’m getting there, and I’m sure after I check out their latest stage in more detail, this ranking will be subject to some change, but for now, there it is!


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