AKB48 Bunshin no Jutsu Tour – Team K’s Nanba Hatch Concert

Next up in my set of concert reviews is Team K’s Nanba Hatch concert. I’ll mention ahead of time that this review will be significantly shorter than my Team B concert review.

Korogaru Ishi ni Nare is the first song of the concert, and a perfect way to start a Team K show. Like Team B’s Shonichi, this is Team K’s signature song, and really is a good show opener. This is one of the few Team K songs that, in my opinion, ages quite well. It is a somewhat “old” song in regards to Team K stage shows, however, it holds up well against the more recent stage songs. When this song first debuted, the A and K stages of the time were a lot more…subdued…if you will. They were actually quite boring, however this song stood out due to its heavy rock style.

Saishuu Bell ga Naru is next on the list. This is my favourite Team K song…of all time, and likely will remain as such. Its just so awesome. This is the kind of K song I like; songs that almost breach into the category of heavy metal. Heck, B and A need songs like this. The more heavy-metalish songs in AKB48 Stages…the better.

The next songs on the set list are Saka Agari and Ki ni Naru Tenkousei. Not my favourite Team K song by far, but they’re not terrible..I guess. The performances here are still pretty good though. I always thought these songs were just way to generic, and I was disappointed that Saka Agari is the title song of K5. I doesn’t really deserve to be.

Blue Rose is another K song that “ages well” in my opinion. As always, we get a stellar performance from Sayaka, Sae, Yuka and Ohori, as they go all out. This is defenitly one performance to check out.

The next set of songs is essentially the unit song group from K5: Endroll, Wagamama na Nagareboshi, Dakishimeraretara, and Mushi no Ballad. While all these songs are great, and the performances are equally great (especially Wagamama, but I’ll get to that in a sec)..where the hell is Ai no Iro? That is likely the BEST song out of K5, and its not here? What the hell? I did enjoy the performance of Wagamama na Nagareboshi quite a bit though, because right near the end of the song, Erena just goes right over to Kana and kicks her, right out of the blue, then they go back to singing like nothing happened. It seems kind of tacked on, but its so freaking funny. Now, it likely has something to do with the lyrics, but still, its just funny to watch.

Ame no Doubutsuen and Kimi wa Pegasus are next. Ame is a fairly decent song, and the performance is cute, especially with all the animal costumes. Surprisingly, Nonti is the cutest in this performance, then again it helps that she’s in the Panda costume, and Panda’s are always cute. Of course, Pegasus kicks ass as always, but I liked this performance over any other because of the inclusion of Yuko. She can make any performance better IMO.

(Insert SKE48 songs here)

Nounai Paradise and Shamu Neko are up now, and while Nounai is a fairly decent song (though, not one of my favs), I have to admit I do not like Shamu Neko at all. Everyone else seems to love it, but..I just can’t bring myself to like it. I kinda find it a bit of an annoying song to be perfectly honest. Guess its just not my cup of tea.

Hitei no Requiem, Melos no Michi, Tenohira are the last 3 songs before the encore set. Hiten no Requiem is a song that puzzles me nowadays. Reading the lyrics, it is obvious that the song is about a suicide, however, the beat and sounds of the overall song just do not fit the lyrics. Doesn’t matter though, the song is great, as is this performance. Melos is great as well, a really strong son to pump you up and get you going (and the girls performance reflects this in a way). I’ve also come to love Tenohira as of late. I always thought it was an odd song to use to begin K5 (to me, ballads should really be at the end, but hey…) but I really think it might be AKB’s best ballad yet. Its just really soothing and just puts you into a good mood listening to it. The performance here isn’t too special, but its a ballad, so its all about the singing, and nothing else.

The first encore song and the last in the review (the next 3 songs are just the singles, but I already went over them in the B concert review, and there’s nothing new here) is Hana to Chire!. To be honest, they kinda ruined it by doing a shortened version. Its screws up the pacing of the song and just makes it sound odd in a way. But, its still cool song anyway.

It became very apparent while watching this concert that, as of now, the current Team K is my least favorite team. However, it has nothing to do with the girls. I actually have quite a few favourites in Team K. What is it then? Its the songs. Team K just doesn’t have a lot of great songs. Or at least not a lot that I am overly fond of. There’s a couple here and there that I truly love, but its really hit and miss…just like this concert. So overall, its a decent show, but not nearly as enjoyable as Team B’s concert.

Ok, so thats Team K done. Hopefully, I’ll have a review of Team A’s concert up soon. Then its on to the Budokan concert and the shuffles.


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