And another one bites the dust…

So for the last 2 months or so in World of Warcraft, My main (a Death Knight) has been a member of a guild known as The Juggernauts. It was a great guild in my opinion. We did raids regularly, however we never really finished any. But to me, that didn’t matter, considering we actually GOT INTO the raids. I’ve been in a number of guilds where we wouldn’t even get into the raid due to not being able to get enough people or people just being jerks and joining and leaving and whatnot. The fact that we were able to get raids going (which seems to be getting harder and harder nowadays) was just great for me. I also really liked the members of this guild. They were great to play with. And that really goes along way in WOW.

Now, over the last week, things were kinda quiet. I didn’t think of it much as there are always going to be periods of downtime. So imagine my shock when I logged on the other day to find that pretty much all the main raiders had left the guild. Hell, the Guild Master had even left.

Not good. Not good at all.

I logged in yesterday to do some of my dailies, and found I was no longer in the guild. The Juggernauts were officially dead.

Right now, Guilds in WoW are really nothing more than social networks in which to chat and get groups together for instances. This is why I am excited for Cataclysm, in which Guilds will become so much more. The Guild system in Cata will allow for guilds to progress towards special bonuses and the like, which in my opinion, will give guilds a lot more reasons to stick around, and for people to stick around as well. Right now, there is no real draw to stay in a guild, though really if you want to raid you need a guild.

Now, I just need to find a new guild…god I hate doing that, considering most guilds on my server don’t need anymore Death Knights.

On another note, I’m beginning to think I will NEVER get my Polar Bear mount from the Brunnhildar Village daily quest(s). Seriously, I’ve been doing that quest for months, and still no damn bear. I understand making something rare, but come on, this is almost ridiculous. From what I’ve read, it has a 1% drop rate (from the spoils bag you get from completing the quest), so really, every time you complete the quest, you have a 1% chance of getting it. Pretty dumb if you ask me. But hey, guess I just gotta keep doing the quest, it has to drop sometime…


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