AKB48’s Latest single – RIVER

First of all, I wanted to share this with everybody. I finally downed a particular rare enemy in World of Warcraft the other day, the ever elusive Time Lost Proto Drake!:
This is likely one of the rarest of WOW’s rare spawns, and its especially coveted because it always drops…well, itself, as a flyable mount, making it one of the rarest mounts in the game at the moment. Its especially tricky to get because there are normally a dozen or so people just camping its flight paths hunting it. How did I come across it you ask? Purely by accident to be honest. I was doing the daily quest in Brunnhildar Village to see if that was the day I would finally get the Polar Bear mount (it wasn’t…again. I’m beginning to think it doesn’t even exist. I’ve likely done the quest almost 100 times now). That days daily was to go back and fight in the pit. Now, I was just starting to attack my first opponent, and what do I see? My NPC scan addon alerting me to the Drakes presence, that’s what. And where was it? Right directly above me. Awesome! I quickly got off my war bear, summon my flying mount and flew towards my prey. I took it down within a few seconds, and the mount was mine at last! That defenitly made my day!

Anyway, today I’m going to do a bit of raving over the latest AKB single, RIVER. I don’t know what else I can say about this single other than that it is BEYOND EPIC! This single is a radical departure from practically everything AKB48 has done to date, and in my opinion, its the best song they’ve released. Its edgy, up tempo and just so damn addictive. I also like how its edgy, yet its not dark or depressing, its just badass.

Now, I haven’t seen the PV yet (decided to wait for my copy of the single to arrive so I can watch the PV from the included DVD) but from what I have heard about it (and seen in screen shots) its pretty kick ass. It features the girls as soldiers, which alone sounds awesome. I have a feeling it will be my favorite AKB48 PV to date.

The accompanying tracks are also pretty good. The B-side, Kimi no Koto ga Suki Dakara is awesome. Again, this song really stands out among other AKB tunes, and of course it features the awesome Undergirls group (again, I HATE that name) so its of the same caliber as the A-side. Its a little more cutesy than RIVER, but it still manages to be an addicitve song, and is just as good as RIVER.

Now, the single does include a third song, Hikoki Gumo. Now, I will say this about the song; meh. I don’t care for it. Its generic, boring, and does not stand well against the likes of RIVER and Kimi no Koto. Its also old, in a sense. Its a song from A5, so its nothing even remotely new, and that’s my problem with it. ITS NOTHING NEW. This seems to be a new trend in AKB singles; include a song from the stages. Now, while this is not bad in anyway, I do like singles to give us something new. I also just don’t like Hikoki Gumo, so I am a little peeved at this choice. Everyone else in the fandom seems to like it though…don’t know why. So yeah, I just give this song a meh.

I’m hoping we can get more singles of this caliber in the future. RIVER is an awesome song, and I hope we get more singles like this one. This song is not like the cutesy, happy songs of the past. Its edgy, its badass, and its the idol song I have truly been waiting for. Bring on more singles like this one!


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