World of Warcraft Cataclysm

Before I get to the bulk of this post, I figured I’d post the new MV for T-ara’s song Lies. It came out just shortly after I posted before, so I wasn’t able to put it in the original post:

Now, yeah, the PV doesn’t fit the song whatsoever, but screw that. There’s nothing wrong with seeing the girls frolicking around at a water park. Nothing wrong at all.  Eunjeong especially looked good. Hell, they all did. This just proves the fact that girls + water parks = a damn good idea 🙂

Anyway, on to the main event. Friday marked the beginning of this year’s Blizzcon convention, and everyone was anticipating one specific thing; the announcement of the new World of Warcraft expansion, supposedly named Cataclysm. Prior to the event, numerous supposed details about a new expansion were leaked, though no one knew for sure if they were true (though the one blogger over at MMO Champions was 100% sure he was right about the info being absolutely correct)

And he was right. At the opening ceremony to Blizzcon, WoW’s 3rd major expansion, named Cataclysm, was officially announced, and pretty much all the leaked info was proven to be correct. Now, I won’t go over ALL the new stuff coming out in this expansion (just go to practically any game site or WoW blog like Project Lore or MMO Champion for all the nitty gritty details) but I would like to talk about the things I am excited most for.

2 New Playable Races: Goblins and Worgen

This is likely the biggest addition to the new expansion. A faction of the Goblins (remember, the goblins overall are normally neutral between both Horde and Alliance) have joined the Horde after shipwrecking in the Lost Isles. On the Alliance side, the werewolf like Worgen have join the alliance. Now, the Worgen joining the Alliance are in fact the cursed citizens of the Kingdom of Gilneas, which sealed itself away long ago. However, they were still hit by the worgen curse, and for years have lived a terrifying existence. Now, the Greymane wall protecting Gilneas has come down, and the secret of Gilneas has been revealed to the world.

Goblins look to be essentially the horde’s own version of the Gnomes, but much cooler. Goblins have long been an important part of WoW, and to be finally be able to play as one is pretty neat. However, I am more interested in the Worgen. Worgen’s will have the ability to shift between their human form and worgen form at will, which will be pretty cool. If I want to run around as a human I can, but then if I want to be a badass wolfman, I can, when ever I want. Worgen also have some pretty cool racial features, the neatest one being they can skin animals without having to have a skinning knife (I mean, huge claws should be just as good as I knife right?) and they get a bonus to the skinning profession as well. Their starting zone also greatly interests me. Gilneas has always been a place I have wanted to go to in game. I mean, you can go right up to the damn Greymane wall, and its just there, taunting you. You can’t go past it, its just there. Now we can go beyond the wall, and finally learn the fate of Gilneas. The Worgen will also make the Alliance so much more awesome that it ever has been. They are very much a horde-like race, so having the Worgen in the alliance should make things very interesting. And lastly, Worgen are essentially were-wolves (well, the ones of Gilneas and Silverpine are, original Worgen are in fact other worldly beings first brought to Azeroth by the ancient Night Elves using the Scythe of Elune and then by Archmage Arugal, who is responsible for the worgen curse itself, to fight the scourge. These worgen are inherently evil beings who come from a world of eternal war, where they fight against beings known only as the Lords of the Emerald Flame, who some believe may be the Burning Legion). How may games let you play as werewolves? not many.

Oh, and Goblins get cars as their mounts. Freaking awesome. Worgen also apparently get these weird pig/wolf things. I only saw some concept art, so I’m not certain what their mount is as of yet, but still.

Azeroth is Changed…forever.

With the Cataclysm (hence the title of the expansion) comes huge changes to the geography of Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms, where most of the expansion will take place. The cataclysm has devastated much of the land, so zones you’ve been to numerous times will look vastly different. These changes also bring about the ability to use flying mounts in mainland Azeroth, as things would be difficult to traverse otherwise. Forinstance, the Barrens will be split into two, Tanaris and Wailing Caverns are now lush and full of life, Thousand Needles is flooded, and Blackrock mountain has erupted. The new Azeroth will be much different, and much more interesting that ever before.


This is another place that has always been present, but has been inaccessible. Uldum lies at the very southern tip of Kalimdor, in Tanaris. With the new expansion, the veil will be lifted and the secrets of Uldum will be revealed. Apparently, within Uldum (which will be split into two 5 man instances; Halls of Origination and The Lost City of the Tol’vir) lies a Titan super weapon, which The Alliance, Horde and the primary enemy faction (which I’ll get to next) all want to gain control of. Now, I can only guess what kind of weapon this could be. After seeing some of the stuff in Ulduar ( The Flame Leviation, XT-002 Deconstructor and Mimiron’s V-07-TR-0N weapon system) it should be awesome. This Titan complex also has an ancient Egyptian style of architecture, which is interesting because Ulduman in the Badlands had a very ancient Greece style to it, while the various ruins in Northrend had somewhat a mixture of both with Roman styling to it (though the Titans themselves are based on the deities of Norse Mythology) so it will defenitly be a sight to see. The lore should also be a feast for the mind. I’m also excited to see everyones favorite Titan fan Brann Bronzebeard make his return.

and now on to what has me most excited for the new expansion:

The return of Deathwing and Ragnaros, and the Elemental Planes:

Deathwing, also known as Neltharion The Earthwarder, makes his triumphant return as the primary villian of Cataclysm. First some backstory. Deathwing was formerly known as Neltharion, and was the aspect of the Black Dragonflight and likely the most respected of the various aspects. However, he was driven mad by whisperings of the Old Gods, and turned to a being of pure evil, known as Deathwing, the aspect of death. Deathwing hasn’t been seen since Warcraft II, and now his return from the elemental plane of Earth, Deepholme, has brought about the great cataclysm that has torn Azeroth asunder, and also has the Old God cult known as the Twilight Hammer on his side. Now, last time we saw Deathwing, he had grafted armor plates to himself, but was still somewhat an average looking dragon (blame old graphics for that) but now, Deathwing is back and more badass than ever:


Now, if this is what being driven mad by the Old Gods turns you into…then sign me up. Seriously, have you ever seen a dragon look so awesome? Awesome work by the Blizzard artists.

The other big baddie making a return is the fire lord Ragnaros, who players banished back to the elemental plane of fire back in vanilla WoW. We will now get the chance to take the fight to Ragnaros in said plane, where he is at his strongest. That should be one hell of a fight.

We will also visit Deepholme and the elemental plane of water (in the form of the dungeon Abyssal Maw) as well as the Elemental plane of air I believe. These should be some interesting places indeed.
Needless to say, this is going to one hell of an expansion. The revamping of old areas is awesome enough, but all the rest of the new stuff just makes me want this expansion more. Now, we still have Wrath of the Litch King to go through (Icecrown Citadel and Arthas are next) but come the end of that, we’ll have a lot to look forward to. Bring on the Cataclsym!


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