Gundam 00 S2 Episodes 19 and 20

Sorry, only reviews and screencaps again. Might have to do this for the next couple of weeks, seeing as University is keeping me quite busy.

Episode 19


This was a highly exciting episode. It had some great action, yet the most interesting parts came around the end. Anew has been activated as an innovator, and has essentially betrayed the crew. The way it cut out as she shot at Lasse was one hell of a cliffhangar, and it really makes you feel for Lasse. The poor guy never catches a break. The other big thing is that Nena finally betrays Wang Liu Mei. I was also happy to see the Gundam Throne Drei return. I always did figure there was more to Nena’s little shuttle, and it wouldn’t have made sense if she just ditched it, seeing as it was in near perfect condition at the end of the first series (I believe it was only missing an arm from the battle between it and Throne Zwei) It was also nice to see Louise and Saji finally talk to each other, though again Andrei ruins it. Seriously, someone needs to kill that guy already.

Episode 20


This was perhaps the best episode to date. It had everything. Intense action, great character interactions, romance, and great drama. Suprisingly, Lasse survives, but is wounded quite badly. The battle this episode was one of the best we’ve had in awhile. Anew pilots a new GNZ unit, this one based around GN Fangs. It was very cool to see it go against Cherudim, seeing as both use remote weaponry. It was also quite sad when Anew died. Throughout the entire episode, you could see that perhaps some part of her regretted what she was doing, and Lyle did manage to get through to her near the end, only to have Ribbons screw it up and make her continue fighting, forcing Setsuna to kill her to save Lyle. Setsuna defenitly did the right thing, though Lyle doesn’t seem to agree.

This episode is also the debut of Louise’s new Mobile Armor, the Regnant, and it is a beast. It managed to totally negate Seravee’s Hyper Burst attack, and has a beam cannon which fires a beam that can be bent to change direction. Pretty awesome if you ask me. Louise is defenitly going to be a major threat for the Meisters in the future. Its funny, I would never have thought that during the first season.


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