Yet another AKB48 Graduation

Yeah…it happened again.

It what seems to be shaping up as the seemingly genocide of AKB48’s original members, Team K member Hayano Kaoru announced her graduation today.

This is an interesting one as she recently moved to a bigger talent agency, and some people saw that as preparation for an upcoming graduation. Guess they were right.

Its also the first Team K graduation in some time.

Now, I’m all for AKB48 members leaving to move on to bigger, more awesome things, but these graduations are getting out of hand. I mean, its not even 3 months into the year and we’ve had 3 graduations announced in the last month or so. I’m starting to think the management is perhaps getting rid of the old and bringing in the new…if you will.


3 thoughts on “Yet another AKB48 Graduation

  1. I can’t believe what the heck is going on with the so called management of AKB48 who decide who goes and who stays, Team A had the best hits, best trained singers, best and professionaly trained to give the fans what they needed and liked to hear, I know this takes time and money to change ordinary girls to be professional singers/actors and then to go and graduate them sounds like a major mistake to me. There are millions of fans who are now feeling a very deep sadness because of all of team A idols are now gone. I know the few who are left are Fantastic in what they do, I hope the AKB48 management starts to think about the few remaining members and seriously thinks about others who have come to Love these girls and follow them as close as a family before they make any stupid decisions on kicking out any other girls.

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  3. Basically, having just gotten back from seeing Teams A, B and K, it’s just that the groups perform too often. Don’t get me wrong; the shows are tremendous and AKB48 is getting nothing but better. But a guy there who seems to know what he’s talking about told me it’s the yen (or lack thereof) these girls actually earn. The recession hasn’t made thing any easier. He said they seldom get much more than train fare to and from Tokyo and, though the company does pay for their costumes, training and support, it’s just a no-win situation to stay on that treadmill. Sad but possibly true. When Oku and Ono hang it up that’s when I start to give up on Team K.

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