The Slaughter Continues, AKA: It sucks to be a Team A fan right now…and some other thoughts

So if the graduation of 5 of Team A’s original members at once wasn’t bad enough awhile ago, 2 more original A members have announced their graduations as of late; Oshima Mai and Kawasaki Nozomi. Its become quite apparent that if your a big Team A fan right now, then it sucks to be you.

Now, these graduations are big news, but the AKB48 fan community has taken these graduations a lot better than the 5 previous A graduations. One reason? A lot of fans, myself included, saw these 2 coming long ago, even before the 5 previous grads. Both girls are quite busy outside of AKB48, so in reality, graduating from AKB48 is a good thing for them, as they will be able to concentrate more on what they want to do in life, and really isn’t that the point after all?

I for one have to admit something…I’m excited to see them off. Not only to see what they do outside of AKB48, but to see who replaces them in AKB48. Not all the fans would agree with me on that last point, but I for one am always excited about new members being put into the fold. In fact, quite a few of the Research Students are exceptionally talented, and I actually like some of them more than regular AKB48 members. It will be interesting to see who is brought in to replace Mai and Nozomi.

Here’s the other thing, when Mai and Nozomi graduate, there will be 4 open spots over all 3 teams; 3 on A and 1 on B.  It will be interesting to see who gets added. No matter what, I do hope Chikano Rina is among them. Of all the current RS, she’s my fav (especially after watching B4, which she actually has a big part in) so I hope she gets promoted soon…to Team B of course. Though, I just hope she gets promoted to any team really…


One thought on “The Slaughter Continues, AKA: It sucks to be a Team A fan right now…and some other thoughts

  1. I am so angry and saddened that so many of Team A members (my Idols)are now gone, the group that started it all, (the best singers and dancers) and they were all very successful in all the songs and dances they did. I know that some of them will continue to be in the group (AKB48) but the others who were not as successful will have to find something else to do in there lives and these are the ones I’m most concerned of. As for Oshima Mai and Kawasaki Nozomi they are now doing what has made them the best at what they do and that is to entertain there fans, and they are Fantastic. The last of the original group are the best of the best including my Favorite Kojima Haruna, when she goes I’m gone also.

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