More Gundam 30th Anniversary news – New Universal Century Series

So some new info has surfaced since I posted the scan of the Rx-78-7 Gundam. Seems it is indeed the MS of a new Universal Century series. Here’s all the info we know abotu at the moment:

(info courtesy of Gundam|News)

Title: Unknown

Mechanic Design: Katoki Hajime
Character Design: Suzuki Tatsuya

Mobile Suit: Phantom Gundam Unit No.7


Hughes Curro: Male. Age 32. A veteran officer who leads the Phantom Sweep special forces unit charged with hunting for Zeon remnants. He has a bitter experience in which his unit was annihilated in the past.

Sherry Allison: Female. Age 24. She was serving as a test pilot but was assigned to the special forces unit as a replacement.


Erik Blanque (Blank): Male. Age 20. A young officer whose family is a distinguished family in the Principality of Zeon. He takes command of the “Invincible Knights” in order to execute a counterattack operation against the Earth Federation Forces.

Story: The time is Universal Century 0081. It’s been one year has passed since the war. Although the world was regaining order, small-scale battles continued in various places by the Zeon remnants who still continued to resist. During the situation, an veteran soldier of the Earth Federation Forces is appointed to a cleanup operation of the Zeon remnant forces. Feelings mix on the battlefield as the young Zeon officers promote the top-secret strategy for the revival of Zeon…

Am I excited…damn right I am. Its about time a new UC series started. And it will be interesting because the time period between 0079 and Zeta is a time period not fully explored in depth yet (aside from the Advance of Zeta manga/photobook series)

I’ll bring you more news as it surfaces.


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