SKE48’s First Original Stage – Te wo Tsunaginagara (As we’re holding hands)

So you’ll remember back awhile ago I reported on the whole SKE48 thing back when it was first announced. Well, they’ve been around for a bit already, but only recently started their own original stage. For ahwile, they were stuck doing their rendition of Team A first stage,  which is unfortunate, because I personally think its a particularily boring stage.  Now, however, they have their very own original stage and original songs to boot, which is always cool. It also introduced us to SKE’s first team, Team S, and a glimpse at whats to come in the form of the upcoming Team K II (yes…thats what the second team will be called)

First, here’s the list of selected members of Team S’s first Stage:

Selected Members:
* Oya Masana
* Ono Haruka
* Kuwabara Mizuki
* Shinkai Rina
* Takai Tsukina
* Takada Shiori
* Deguchi Aki
* Nakanishi Yuka
* Hiramatsu Kanako
* Hirata Rikako
* Matsui Jurina
* Matsui Rena
* Matsushita Yui
* Mori Sayuki
* Yagami Kumi
* Yamashita Moe

* Inagaki Honami
* Ozeki Kiharu
* Sato Seira
* Sato Mieko
* Shibaki Aiko
* Maekawa Aika

I do find it interesting as to how the member system works in SKE so far. Seems like members can be switched around between selected member and Kenkyuusei. In AKB48, its big news if a member is demoted to RS status, but I guess they do things differently over in SKE.

And now, the setlist:

1 – Bokura no Fuu
2 – Mango No.2
3 – Te wo Tsunaginagara
4 – Chime wa LOVE SONG

5 – Glory Days (Kuwabara, Matsui J, Nakanishi) + RS Backdancers
6 – Kono Mune no Barcode (Ono, Deguchi, Takada)
7 – Wimbledon he Tsuretette (Mori, Takai, Yagami)
8 – Ame no Pianist (Yamashita, Matsui R, Matsushita)
9 – Choco no Yukue (Hirata, Oya, Hiramatsu, Shinkai)
10 – Innocence
11 – Romance Rocket
12- Koi no Keikou to Taisaku
13 – Daisuki
14 – Rope no Yuujou
15 – Kayoubi no Yoru Suiyobi no Asa

16 – Tooku ni ite mo

Before I continue, let me redirect you to this youtube link, which has some previews of some of S2’s songs (link courtesy of lolqhkf over at Stage48 )

So I gave this video a watch to see how some of SKE’s first original songs would fare, and I won’t mince words…I’m disappointed. Now, granted this isn’t the full stage, it was a good number of songs, and not one of them appealed to me. They all sounded kinda mediocre at best. There was not one song preview in that video that made want to say “I need the full version RIGHT NOW, not like what the preview for AKB’s latest single did. I heard the preview, then immediately wanted the full version. None of that going on here. They also lacked a certain energy which is present in some of AKB48’s stages, and especially B3 and B4, my top favorite AKB stages. Now, obviously, when we get the full stage to listen to, I will be back with a proper review, but so far, its not looking good.

I think another thing that brings about my disappointment is I have yet to really get into SKE48. None of the girls really appeal to me, and I absolutely do not like their precious little frontgirl, 11 year old Jurina Matsui. Although, that might be due to the fact that she’s been hoarding in on AKB48 since Oogoe Diamond came out, and I’m a little sick of seeing her take away the spotlight from actualy AKb48 members. Maybe when I get to listen to the stage in its entirety, I will have found a favorite member, but right now, its not looking good.

So there you have it. Like I said, when we do get a full audio/video file of the stage, I will being you a full review. So look out for that in the days to come.


2 thoughts on “SKE48’s First Original Stage – Te wo Tsunaginagara (As we’re holding hands)

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  2. Auditions for Team K 2 start next month, even though I’m a foreigner and over the usual age (though under the limit) I’m sending the form in. i hate that it’s forms first though as means less chance of getting to actually be face to face with someone.

    I don’t actually know any of the members of SKE (know very few of AKB actually) but I live near Nagoya so am always going by the Sunshine Sakae building and watching their performances via the seemingly live feed set up on one of the outside screens.

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