Team B Fourth Stage – Idol no Yoake

So at long last, Team B’s fourth Stage, Idol No Yoake has begun. And after watching the LOD video of the first show, I have to say that this is by far the best stage any of the 3 teams have ever done…EVER. Every song in this stage is a winner, and it exceeded my expectations in every way. I was somewhat worried that it wouldn’t be as good as the awesomeness that was B3…but B4 blows B3 (and every other AKB stage) out of the water and continues the level of greatness that is Team B.

First up, here’s the set list:

M1. Idol no Yoake
M2. Minnasan mo go Isshouni
M3. Haru Ichiban ga Fuku Goro
M4. Kobushi no Seigi

M5. Zannen Shoujo (Nakatsuka Tomomi, Watanabe Mayu, Uchida Mayumi)
M6. Kuchiutsushi no CHOCOLATE (Oota Aika, Kashiwagi Yuki, Hirajima Natsumi)
M7. Kataomoi no Taikakusen (Chikano Rina, Nitou Moeno, Yonezawa Rumi)
(BD uriya akane , suzuki mariya, satou sumire, saotome miki, nonaka misato, ooya shizuka)
M8. Tengoku Yarou (Urano Kazumi, Nakagawa Haruka, Kohara Haruka, Nakaya Sayaka)
M9. Itoshi no Natassha (Tanabe Miku, Sashihara Rino, Katayama Haruka)

M10. Joshikousei Hayamerarenai
M11. Suki to Ieba Yokatta
M12. Sobakasu no Kissu

EC1. B Stars
EC2. Yokosuka curve
EC3. Arigatou

The opening song, Idol no Yoake really surprised me with its style. It wasn’t what iw as expecting, but I really loved it. The whole routine is that of a marching band, and the girls use various instruments during the song. What was awesome for me was that Yukirin was playing the trombone, the very same instrument that I played back in elementary school (and likely would have played in hish school if I continued with it). How awesome is that. The song is a very cute song, and a really cool opener.


Next up is Minnasan mo go Isshouniis, a very fast paced song, and one of those classic hyper, sugary songs. Its very cool to listen to, especially the opening instrumental.


Haru Ichiban ga Fuku Goro is third on the list.  This song is also a bit of an unbeat song. It has a somewhat somber feel to it, yet its still a feel good sounding song.


Kobushi no Seigi is next, and it is just awesome. The girls wear some really badass costumes for this one, and it fits with the songs hard-rock sound. I can’t really say anything other than this song rocks to the max. Its just that good, and gives Team B another new image; hardcore and badass.


Zannen Shoujo is the first of the unit songs, and is probably one of my favorite songs out of all of B4, and mainly because it a) has an incredible sound and b) features new Team B member Nakatsuka Tomomi. I was excited to see her in B4, and she is phenomenal in this stage, and this song in particular. I absolutely love her voice, as its quite strong. Tomomi was also quite prominent throughout the whole stage, as I noticed her quite a bit.


Kuchiutsushi no CHOCOLATE is another great song, and quite an interesting member lineup. I was worried how Yukirin would do with Naachan and Lovetan, as she’s a far stronger singer than either of them, but she manages to make it work, and the song is great. Then again, Yukirin is in it, so how can I not love it.


Kataomoi no Taikakusen is ridiculously awesome. I was glad to see Yonechan finally featured in a unit, and she’s absolutely amazing in this song, along with Moeno and Rina. THis also brings me to another point; Chikano Rina needs to be added to Team B…right now. I absolutely love her in this song, and if she gets promoted to any other Team than B, then I’ll be pretty upset.


Tengoku Yarou is a song that is just so funny and hyper…and insanely crazy. Just watching this performance is a laugh riot, and its really just one of those wacky enjoyable songs.


Itoshi no Natassha is another of my top favorites, mainly because it features Haachan (doing her best to be as sexy as she can…and she pulls it off quite well) and it also features Tanamin, who is usually quite neglected, but she’s phenomenal in this song. It begs the question as to why she was so neglected before. She’s a great performer and a top notch singer. Sashi is also great in this, and I’m starting to like her alot more nowadays.


Joshikousei Hayamerarenai is up next, and this song is very cool. However, as soon as the song started, I was reminded of Morning Musume’s hit song Love Machine, and it shows throughout the whole song, as its VERY reminiscent of LM. However, it doesn’t take away from the song, and its still a cool song.


Suki to Ieba Yokatta is next, and is another top notch upbeat song. A great song overall.


Sobakasu no Kissu is a fun song, and a little slower than the rest of the stage. Its still a very bubbly, upbeat song, and another great song for a great stage.


Tanpop no kesshin is really one of the only 2 slow songs of this stage. Now, I’m normally not a big fan of slower songs, but I really like this one, along with the other ballad, Arigato. This is a very sweet sounding song, and not boring in anyway, which is usually my issue with slow songs.


B Stars is just beyond cool. I guess you could say this is Team B’s new anthem of sorts, and what an anthem it is. Its just so fast paced and… awesome. This is without a doubt my favorite song of the stage. I really can’t do this song justice, you have to give this one a listen.


Yokosuka curve is just a really cool song, and I love the beat and pace of the song.Another of my top favs of this stage.


Arigatou is the last song of this epic stage, and its a great way to end the stage in my opinion. Its a slow song of course, but its sweet and somber sounding, and I think does a good job of closing things up.


So as you’ve noticed by now, I have absolutely nothing bad to say about this stage. And how can I, its everything I was hoping for…and much much more. It really is, in my humble opinion, the best AKB48 stage to date, and it really shows off how awesome Team B is. Congrats to Team B, for another epic Stage show!


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