Gundam 00 S2 Episode 17 and Episode 18

Been kinda busy this week, what with school and many new Gundam kits to build, so I’m just gonna do some quick reviews for both episode 17 and 18 (no summaries, sorry) along with some screencaps. I’ll be back with full posts for next weeks episode though.

Episode 17:


Talk about an epic, yet devastating episode. One of the Orbital Elevators is brought crashing down to Earth, and the various factions band together to try and save the day. I thought it was awesome how even A-LAWS joined in on destroying the debris, and the scenes of the various forces working together were really fun to watch. However, this episode is not without tragedy, as Sergei and Hercule are killed by Andrei at the very end. It was kind of bittersweet, as it seemed like everything was going well, then Andrei comes out and kills both of them, thinking that Sergei was with the coup forces. It was really sad to watch him go, as he was one of my favorite characters out of them all, and was an all around nice guy. I can only hope Andrei gets whats coming to him.

Episode 18:


Another fantastic episode. Though things are nearly not as hectic as last week, they still are exciting. Seems like Anew and Lyle are a couple now, and we now have confirmation on Anew being an innovator, though its still unknown whether she knows and is a spy or was planted in CB and is unaware. Either way, the Innovators are using her to know the location of the Ptolemaios. It also seems Setsuna was infected with fake GN particles when he was shot by Ali a few episodes ago, and it also is apparent that the same has happened to Lasse.

Next week should be interesting, as we’ll find out whether Marina was shot or not, and we’ll hopefully get to see Mr. Bushido and the Masurao in action.


One thought on “Gundam 00 S2 Episode 17 and Episode 18

  1. She surely doesn’t look like she’s aware of it, I think that is the prime reason why Lyle isn’t saying anything though he noticed… aah l’amour… XD

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