Kit Review – 1/100 Gundam Avalanche Exia

The last review for a couple of says will be of the 1/100 Avalanche Exia:

Now, this is a kickass kit. For those unaware, the Avalanche Exia didn’t appear in the TV series, but was part of the serialized Gundam OOV series, which is a series of mobile suit variation designs, most of which don’t appear in anyway in the series (though the occasional one does) The Avalanche Exia was the first one, and is the Exia equipped with the Avalanche pack, which increases its mobility and speed  considerably.

This kit is just so good. Its quite nice eye candy, and its sturdy, extremely detailed and has lots of posebility. The interesting thing about this kit is that you can in fact build a base Exia if you wish. It comes with all the parts for a normal Exia, though, if you bought this kit, you’ll likely want to build Avalanche Exia.

The kit uses all of Exia’s standard weapons; its short and long GN Blades, 4 GN Beam Sabers, and its trademark GN Sword. The interesting thing about the Avalanche pack is that it allows the weapons to be mounted on the back, near the GN Drive cone. The Sabers are also mounted differently, and attack to the back and shoulders in a way different to Exia.

The defining parts of this kit are the large shoulder structures. These large thruster units have  part that can be opened up to show the Avalanche pack in its active mode. The also attach to the large units on the forearms when open. Its also nice in that these structures do not hamper the arms in anyway, primarily due to the fact that they attack directly to the shoulders. The arms still have a great degree of freedom of movement.

Even though there are an ample amount of foil stickers, they do not hamper the appearance of the kit in anyway. They are all usually quite small, and apply very well.

All in all, this is a fantastic kit. I can really find nothing wrong with it. It poses well, it stays up excellently, and it just looks great.


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