Kit Review – HG GN Archer

So first up in my latest series of Gunpla reviews is the oh-so adorable GN-Archer, which begs the question can a mecha truly be considered cute? Well, read on and decide for yourselves.


Obviously, since the kit is far more simple than regular mechas, there are only 4 runners, including the one for the polycaps.

The transformation process between Mobile Suit mode  and Mobile Armor mode is rather simple, and only involves rotating the arms and hands, folding up the legs and feet, and flipping the nose section up and over the had, and of course the reverse brings it back to MS mode. When in MA mode, a special piece which fits on the front of the chest section allows you to pose it on an action base.
Overall, the kits is incredibly sturdy, and quite poseble as well. It is also rather detailed as well, especially the 2 back thruster units. Overall, this is a simple, yet great kit. Its especially great for those who have the HG Arios, as it can be combined with that, and the back parts can also be used with the HG OO Gundam.


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