Kit Review – HG Gadessa

The next kit up for review is the HG Gadessa:

Now, I personally think this a great kit, though their are a couple of flaws. However, we’ll get to those in a minute. The posebility of this kit is great, especially for HG 1/144 kit. The arms are unique when compared to other HG kits, in that they have 2 shoulder joints, this allows for great stability in the arm, and improved posebility, which this kit makes use of in spades. The legs also feature incredible posability, and you can practically fold the legs right up. Now, the feet of the Gadessa are variable, and can be folded up to a point when in flight poses, or can be brought out like regular feet to allow it to stand on its own. Now, this brings me to the first flaw. In order to switch the feet around, you have to in fact take them apart and reasemble them. It would have been nice if you could just move the parts around without having to take them off.

Now, the main weapon for this kit is the GN Mega Launcher and its accompyaning power pack. The power pack attaches to the launcher holster on the back, and the kit actually supports the launcher on the back pretty well, considering how large it is. How, the launcher itself has two hand mounts (one trigger hold, and one support handle). The hands hold these pretty well, and the kit itself supports the gun regardless if you have both hands holding it, or simple the right hand holding the gun alone. The 3 parts of the Mega Launcher that open up to show its firing mode also stay open pretty well.

Now, the only other gripe I would have with this kit is that there are a good number of foil stickers for somewhat pointless parts, primarily the fins on the shoulders and the ankes. The ankle stickers aren’t too bad, but I did find the shoulder ones were kind of tricky, and somewhat unnescesary.

Oh, and this kit does come with a display stand, which I thought was a good idea, seeing as there’s no way for this kit to stand without one when its feet are in flight mode.

Overall, this is a great HG kit, in keeping with the tradition of HG OO kits, which have been the best yet (aside from the HGUC series). It poses well, its got a lot of detail, and its just awesome looking. What more could you ask for?


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