News – A little bit of everything

First up, on the AKB48 front.

Yesterday, research student Tomomi Nakatsuka was promted to Team B!


Of course, I’m already a fan of her. The again, why wouldn’t I be. She’s been put in the best team of them all! She looks like she’ll make a great addition to Team B, and I hope she does well in the upcoming B4!

Speaking of B4, it starts in a few weeks! The title of this new stage is Idol no Yoake. A set list has yet to be revealed (as the stage hasn’t started and the set list isn’t usually revealed until the first show) but I’ll post one up (and my thoughts on the stage, since its likely we’ll get a Live on Demand video of the first show) when the show starts in a few weeks.

Next up are some upcoming Gundam kit releases:
– MG Unicorn Coating Ver. – 8,000 Yen

– MG Sword Impulse Gundam – 4,500 Yen
– HGUC Nu Gundam HWS – 2,800 Yen
– HG 1/144 Ahead Smultron – 1,200 Yen

(info from Ngee Khiong, CyberGundam

I’m not too interested in the MG Unicorn Coating version, considering as I already have the regular release, but it will be interesting to see how this coating looks. I’m guessing something simliar to the recent releases of the Zeta Gundam MG’s.

Mg Sword Impulse is not too much of a suprise for me, but I am still excited. However, I wonder if this means Blast Impulse will be given the MG treatment as well. My thoughts? Not bloody likely. The Blast Impulse didn’t even get a proper Hg 1/144 release back in the days of Gundam Seed Destiny, which I though was odd, since Sword and Force Impulse got Hg kits. I would absolutely love an MG Blast Impulse though…

The HGUC Nu Gundam HWS is a suprise. Its not often that MS from the MSV series get regular kit releases, but this is another kit I am excited about. For reference, this is the Nu Gundam HWS:


And I am pleased to see that the Ahead Smultron will be getting an HG release. I was afraid the only figure of it would be the upcoming Robot Damashii figure. Now they just need to announce an HG Masurao and I’ll be happy.


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