Gundam 00 S2 Episode 16

In the command center of the former AEU Orbital Elevator, Pang Hercule speaks to the people still stuck in the elevator at the time of the coup. He announces that he plans to reveal the brutality of A-LAWS and that he plans to wright the wrongs the Federation and the A-LAWS have committed. The Federation refuses to back down to the demands of Hercule and his coup forces, who they say want the Federation to disolve and that anti-government protestors be released from imprisonment. Sergei is watching things unfold, and he knows that what the Federation is saying are lies. Sergei thinks back to his younger years with Pang and his now dead wife Holly. He remembers that Hercule had always believed in people, and truly believed that the Orbital Elevators would be the path to a new and bright future. He had also believed the world would indeed someday unite. Sergei then gets a call from his commanding officer about a secret mission.

At the A-LAWS headquarters, Homer Katagiri worries that the coup will influence other soldiers and spread. At this time, Arthur Goodman tells him that work going on at the Orbital ring is almost done, and he leaves to take command of something there. Wang and Nena are watching this, and Wang comments that this is the beginning of the end. Back at the Ptolemaios, the crew soon learn that it is because of the coup that the A-LAWS forces withdrew from their attack on the ship. However, Sumeragi is hesitant to help the coup forces, as she wonders why the Innovators didn’t see it coming, as they do control Veda. Sumeragi decides to head towards the elevator, as she figures it will be the likely place to find out whats going on, and she figures Setsuna will be heading there as well. At this time, A-LAWS automatons are deployed into the station. Though the interior defences and the coup soldiers are able to hold them back, a number of people are killed by the robots, and one manages to access the surveilannce systems. At this time, a number of Kataron forces join the coup troops, and Hercule is alerted to a single blue Tieren being escorted up the elevator. Hercule realizes its Sergei.

Back at seas, Kati is angry that her forces haven’t bee deployed yet. Andrei and Louise discuss the coup, and Andrei remembers Hercule as a good man. Louise, however, thinks this doesn’t matter, and she thinks the only thing that matters at the moment is that they defeat the coup forces. Andrei remembers back to when he first entered the military. It was Hercule who helped him out at the time, since Andrei still blamed his father for his mothers death. Andrei also blamed Hercule as well.

When Sergei is brought to Hercule, Sergei tells him that the Federation refuses to meet his demands. Hercule wants Sergei to return to the Federation to relay to his commanders that they are not leaving the elevator, but Sergei refuses and decides to stay. They are interrupted by a news broadcast showing civilians being killed in the elevator. However, it is not the Automotons that are doing the killing. They realize the video has been altered to show coup soldiers doing the killings. Hercule doesn’t let this bother him, as most of the civilians are already prepared to leave the elevator, and Hercule says that these people know the truth, so they will expose A-LAWS for what they are.

At the base of the elevator, Mr. Bushido engages Setsuna with the Masurao, now in Trans-Am mode. Mr. Bushido has the advantage and proceeds to wail on the OO-Raiser, until Setsuna activates Trans-Am mode himself. The other Gundams quickly show up though, and are able to force Mr. Bushido into retreat.

Setsuna is now back aboard the Ptolemaios, and it is then that Sumeragi notices something odd about the formation of the Federation troops surrounding the Elevator. She has Felt check wind readings, and realizes that the forces are deployed in a way that they would avoid the debris from the elevator should it come down. She also realizes that A-LAWS must have another orbital weapon. And she is indeed right. In space, Arthur Goodman now commands the second Memento Mori.

I guess alot of people were expecting the Masurao/OO Raiser fight to continue right as the episode started, but it didn’t show up till around the end of the episode. Nevertheless, I thouroughly enjoyed this episode. It was nice to see Sergei in the spotlight, and all the action inside the elevator was really interesting. The way the video was edited to make it seem as if the coup force were killing innocents was diabolical on the part of A-LAWS, but if those people make it out of the elevator, they are screwed, since those people know the truth. However, it looks like one of the elevators may come tumbling down next week, seeing as how A-LAWS is aiming the 2nd Memento Mori at it. I do have a feeling that Sergei will meet his end next week, but I really hope he doesn’t. He’s such an awesome character, and I hope he sticks around till at least the very end. And I did enjoy the Masurao/ OO Raiser fight. This is the first time we have had 2 Trans-Am MS go at it, while in Trans-Am, and it was….wow. Even if it was short, it was godly awesome.


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