Gundam 00 S2 Episode 15

As the Innovators reel and try to understand Brings death and why Tieria could possibly kill one of his own, Setsuna makes his way to the nearby Kataron base, seeing as he is still wounded from his encounter with Ali and Ribbons. When he reaches the hangar of the base, he makes it out of the OO’s cockpit, before collapsing as Marina rushes over to him. At this time, the Ptolemaios still doesn’t know Setsuna’s location, but they are currently headed to rendevouz with a Kataron supply convoy.

Back at the Federation Base, Sergei thinks about his conversation with Pang Hercule. Pang told him that he plans to take the Orbital Elevator as A-LAWS has no jurisdiction there. Pang tells Sergei that he didn’t come to convince him to join him in the coup, but that he wanted Sergei to simply not try and stop him, as he wouldn’t want to fight against a friend.

Klaus and Shirin are also meeting with someone involved with the coup, and he tells them that they want Kataron to simply stay to the sidelines and watch the coup happen, but he wants them to decide on whether to cooperate with them or not afterward.

On the A-LAWS carrier, Andrei once again screws up a chance with Louise when he mentions Saji in front of her, who she again claims she has forgotten about. Patrick notices this and offers to give Andrei some love advice. Divine and Healing are watching from afar, and Healing says that being human is not convenient as they can’t communicate the same way innovators can. At this time, Kati arrives on the other ship and is greeted by Billy. Both vow to destroy Celestial Being.

Back at the Kataron base, Setsuna is recovering from his injuries. He dreams he is back in the middle east, and see’s his younger self on his way to kill his family, as he was forced to do by Ali. Setsuna manages to stop his younger self and take his gun, but as he leaves the house, he see’s Neil standing there. Neil tells him that the only things that can be changed by the past are Setsuna’s feelings, and nothing else. It is then that gunshots are heard from the house, and the young Setsuna comes out, with the gun Setsuna took in hand. Neil tells  Setsuna to change in place of himself who was not able to change, and Setsuna then wakes up. Both Marina and Setsuna soon open up to each other, but are interrupted by news that the Ptolemaios resupplied at the Kataron supply convoy.

As the Ptolemaios reaches the coast, they come under attack by A-LAWS. The two Gadessa’s and the Emprus manage to keep the Gundams busy while the rest of the Mobile Suits head for the Ptolemaios. The only thing left to defend the Ptolemaios is the GN Archer, and Marie asks to take it out into battle.

At this time, Setsuna decides to leave with the OO despite his injuries. Meanwhile, A-LAWS if quickly forced to retreat, as news that Pang has successfully taken control of the Orbital Elevator. Setsuna learns of this, and figures that the Ptolemaios will head for the elevator, so he heads in that direction. However, when he reaches the elevator, Mr. Bushido is waiting there. Mr. Bushido quickly strikes against Setsuna. Setsuna says doesn’t want to fight at the moment, but Mr. Bushido ignores this and does something that shocks Setsuna, he activates the Masurao’s Trans-Am.

So this was a pretty good episode. Its really setting us up for big things to come, primarily Pang’s seizure of the Orbital Elevator. It will be interesting to see what happens next, but I’m betting all these events are leading up to a possible collapse of the elevator. Of course, the biggest suprise of this episode is the fact that the Masurao has its own Trans-Am ability. I guess this was the secret Pr. Eifman discovered, and it sure is a useful one. I also quite liked the scene between Marina and Setsuna, though I don’t see them as a traditional Gundam couple. I still think the main couple of this series will be Louise and Saji.


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