Gundam 00 S2 Episode 14

As Memento Mori explodes, the Ptolemaios 2 speeds off, escaping the ensuing destruction. After the destruction has settled, Setsuna and the OO Raiser come to a large debris field cause by the explosion, and Setsuna notices that a large portion of the debris consists of scraps of metal from the Ptolemaios 2, which worries Setsuna greatly. However, he is soon alerted to a small craft combing the debris field; Nena’s Riaan. Setsuna is somewhat shocked to see Nena, and Nena tells him that the Ptolemaios has been forced to Earth, but before their conversation can go on any longer, Setsuna speeds off in the direction of Earth to find the Ptolemaios 2.

As a Federation spokesperson declares the destruction of Memento Mori as a act of terrorism, it is also declared that A-LAWS has been given complete control of the Federation military. Meanwhile, Hercule and Sergei are talking, and Hercule tells Sergei of a planned coup of the Federation, as it is believed among him and others that the Federation has simply become the puppet of A-LAWS. Back at the Ptolemaios, Ian finally awakens from the Medical ward. As he leaved the room, he sees a majestic landscape, and quickly realizes that he’s looking through a gaping hole in the side of the ship. The Ptolemaios has crash-landed on Earth. The others explain that they were forced down by the Innovators and their Mobile suits, and one mobile armor. As the others take some time to rest and help with repairs to the ship, Setsuna continues his search for the Ptolemaios. However, he soon comes across a gaping crater; an everlasting scar courtesy of Memento Mori. He is then alerted to the presence of an enemy mobile suit in the area; Ali’s Arche Gundam. Setsuna decides to pursue.

Ali leads Setsuna to the ruins of the Krugis Republic. Both Setsuna and Ali land their Gundams and come out, when from behind Ali, Ribbons reveals himself. He tells Setsuna that he knows all about him and his past, including his real name, Soran Ibrahim. He then goes on to reveal something shocking; He was the pilot of the O Gundam, the very Gundam that saved Setsuna 11 years ago. He informs Setsuna that he was their on a test run, and was supposed to eliminate everyone in the vicinity to maintain the secrecy of Celestial Being. However, he spared Setsuna’s life, and he was the one who recommended him to Veda to be a Gundam Mesister. Ribbon’s goes on to tel Setsuna that he wants him to hand over the OO Gundam, as Ribbons feels he should be its pilot, not Setsuna. Setsuna is clearly shocked by these revalations, and attempts to shoot Ribbons, but is shot in the shoulder by Ali. Setsuna quickly boards the OO Gundam, and he and Ali soon face off.

Back at the Ptolemaios, the crew soon learn that the Gadessa and Garazzo are closing in on them. Tieria and Allelujah head out in their Gundams to engage. Al heads to take on the Garazzo, while Tieria takes on the Garazzo. Things do not start off well for Tieria, and its apparent that Bring and his Garazzo have the upper hand. However, Tieria soon gains the upper hand himself. he uses the hands in Seravee’s 4 cannons to grapple the Garazzo, and then engages Trans-Am. In a move that shocks Bring, the backpack of Seravee breaks off and transforms into a Gundam; The Seraphim Gundam. Tieria manages to pierce the Garazzo’s GN field with the Seraphim’s arms. Bring asks Tieria if he can do this to one of his own, to which Tieria responds that he is not like them, he is human. The Seraphim’s arms then switch back to cannon mode, and destroy the Garazzo.

Meanwhile, Setsuna, despite his injury, has Ali on the ropes. Ali then notices a shuttle approaching. Its a Kataron shuttle, carrying Shirin and Klaus. Ali heads in its direction to take it hostage. However, he is denied this by the OO Raiser, now in Trans-Am mode. Setsuna proceeds to destroy the Arche’s fangs in a single huge blast, then to slice the Arche apart. However, before he can finish it off, he begins to hear Marina and the Kataron children sing. This stops him long enough for Ali to fly off in the Arche’s escape unit.

In space, Louise is meeting with the Innovator who pilots the new Mobile Armor, the Empress. The Innovator tells Louise that the Empress is a prototype of a unit she will soon recieve from Ribbons. Back at Billy’s lab on Earth, Billy shows Mr. Bushido his new MS, the Masurao. Bily mentioned he incorporated Professor Eifmans work on the GN Drives into this new suit. As Billy walks away, he tears up a picture from his school days of him and Sumeragi, saying goodbye as he does it.

This episode was just awesome. The biggest thing for me was the revelation that Ribbons piloted the O Gundam. This is sure to stir up some interesting development in Setsuna. The O Gundam was the one that saved him all those years ago, and he viewed it as a savior of sorts. Now he finds out that his savior was controlled by the very person who Setsuna is trying to destroy. If that doesn’t upset him, then I don’t know what will. Its also interesting that Ribbons feels a sort of entitlement to the OO Gundam. Its obvious why though, seeing as it uses O Gundam’s GN Drive, and is its successor in a way.

We also finally get to see Seravee’s secret, and it couldn’t be any cooler. I’m interested to see if both Seravee and Seraphim can operate at the same time. And of course, we are introduced to Mr. Bushido’s new MS, the GN Flag-esque Masurao. Its nice that they went back to the flag-style design for Graham’s new MS, as that’s the MS that really defines him. It will be interesting to see what new technology has been incorporated into it. When we find out, we’ll finally know what Professor Eifman discovered before the Thrones killed him.


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