AKB48 Member Ranking Part 3

The final installment of my AKB48 member ranking:

13. Yonezawa Rumi


Rumi has really grown on me as of late. She has a very infectious smile, and is always giving her best in stage performances. She’s so fun to watch on stage, and she has a great voice as well. I defenitly can’t wait to see more of her in B4.

12. Matsubara Natsumi


It always bugs me as to why Natsumi is so neglected as a member of AKB48. I believe the only single she participated in was Aitakatta, and I really don’t remember her that much in the PV. Its quite a shame, because I think she has a lot of potential, and as long as she;s relegated to the back, she’ll never get to Shine, and I really think she deserves to.

11. Minegishi Minami


Without a doubt, Minegishi Minami is one of the top members of Team A, if not AKB48 as a whole. She’s great in all aspects, and really, Team A is not Team A without Minami. She’s always in some of the top unit songs, though my favourite song she sings in would be Junai no Crescendo from A4. Her unit song from A5 is also pretty great as well. They day Minami leaves AKB48 is the day AKB48 loses one of its best, so I honestly hope that day never comes.

10. Miyazaki Miho


Miho is one of Team A’s latest additions, and is insanely cute. Actually, she’s more like a cute overload. Besides that, she’s a great little performer. She’s in A5’s main unit song, Renai Kinshi Jourei, and is great alongside both the Minami’s. The fact that she’s great even when together with those two speaks volumes of what she can do on stage.

9. Kojima Haruna


Another of Team A’s top members. Haruna is truly an interesting character. She has somewhat of an airhead personality, but she’s just so lovable and she’s an excellent performer on top of that. I find that her voice has a somewhat airy feel to it, and its really nice to listen to.

8. Akimoto Sayaka


If your a fan of AKB48, then you can’t not love Sayaka. She is without a doubt one of AKB’s top members. Her voice is very powerful, and she absolutely dominates the stage whenever she performs. Sayaka carries so much charisma with her on Stage that you can try and not notice her, and you will fail miserably. I have yet to see an AKB fan who does not like her, and the day someone does’nt like her will be a cold day in hell if you ask me.

7. Sato Natsuki


Natsuki is another somewhat neglected member who I think defenitly shouldn’t be. She has a great singing voice, and she’s quite charming. I instantly became a fan of her when watching the making of for the Romance, Irane PV. She was so funny and amusing in the video, and its a shame she wasn’t one of the chosen members for the single (though the PV did kinda suck, so maybe its a good thing she wasn’t in it) I especially took notice of her in the Himawari Gumi 1 DVD, where she was in fact quite prominent. I think she does need more solo though, because her voice is one that needs to be heard by more people.

6. Takahashi Minami


For me, and many others, Takamina IS Team A. She has the best vocals of the entire Team, and is just so much fun to watch perform. She puts so much energy into her routines that it is hard to think of anyone else in all of AKB48 who can do what she does. It is quite funny to realize that she is in fact probably the shortest member of the entire group. She has so much energy, charisma and just pure talent that its a wonder she can keep going as she does.

5. Tomomi Kasai


I think the reason Tomomi has always been one of my favourite members is that she has a very charming, cute personality, and a somewhat distinctive voice. Her voice is one that’s perfect if she was doing voice acting in an anime (which she has actually done) and its just so fun to watch and listen to her. She usually gets put into the cutesy songs, though she was in the song MARIA from K3, which is a very rock-style song, and I thought she did spectacular in that one. Its also a testament to her talent, as she was with both Masuda Yuka and Umeda Ayaka, two of AKB48’s top singers. Still, she went quite well with the two of them, and that proves she has what it takes.

4. Yuko Oshima


Yuko is two things: An incredibly charming, funny person, and one of AKB48’s top singers, all rolled into one little package.  Yuko has an incredible singing voice, and has a lot of energy while on stage. Also, in any of the behind-the-scenes video’s (such as the making of video’s) you get to see her great personality, and she’s quite a funny person. If there is anyone who truly represents Team K, its Yuko.

3. Katayama Haruka


After watching B3, Haruka quickly shot up to be my number 3 favourite. She has a stunning voice, and is quite stunning herself. She can do both cute and sexy, and thus is perfect for nearly any song. She also has a strong sense of maturity to her, which makes her seem older than she really is. Her unit song in B3, Junjou Shugi is one of my favorite AKB songs of all time, and it really shows just how talented (and hot) Haruka really is. Her voice is what does it for me though. She has a very sultry voice that goes perfect with a sexy style song, like Junjou Shugi. I’m very excited to see her in B4, and here’s hoping she gets into another unit on the same level of awesomeness as Junjou Shugi.

2. Sato Amina


I have been a fan of Amina since she was first put into Team A. She fits perfectly into Team A, as she has the whole “cute” thing down pat. Unfortunately, a lot of people seem to think that she’s a bad singer, and leave it at that. However, I think there is far more to Amina than just her voice. First of all, I happen to like her voice a lot. Its quite high sounding, but its so incredibly cute, and in a song like Tsundere is works perfectly. Second, she is amazing to watch on stage. While her voice may not be of a caliber of say Umeda Ayaka or Akimoto Sayaka, her dancing abilities are top notch. She has so much energy on stage she steals the spotlight from the other members half the time. Also, another charming thing about Amina is that she was a huge AKB48 fan before she originally auditioned for the group. I think its just incredible for her that she eventually made it into the Research Students and then got to join Team A. It must be like a dream come true for her, and I can only admire her for what she has accomplished.

1. Yuki Kashiwagi


In my opinion, Yuki is one of the most talented members of AKB48, bar none. She is one of the frontgirls for Team B, and rightfully so. She has an amazingly strong voice, which I’ve seen suprise many people, as Yuki is a somewhat petite girl. Yuki also has a similiar story to that of Umeda Ayaka, in that she tried out for Morning Musume’s 8th Gen auditions, and was beaten out, this time by Aika Mitsui. Again, an awesomely talented person cast aside for someone sub-par. Though, Yukirin is FAR better off in Team B than in MM, as Aika has been somewhat shafted to the back of the group (though the fact that she’s not nearly as talented as someone like Yukirin might have something to do it) and Yuki is in the front of Team B. She has been in the last 2 singles, as well as Bingo!, but I do hope that her talent is finally truly recognized for what it is, and she is given a lead role in the singles to come.  With B4 coming up, I hope that Yukirin is given the chance to one again shine like she always does.


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