AKB48 Member Ranking, Part 2

Part 2 of my AKB48 member ranking:

31. Urano Kazumi


One could somewhat consider Kazumi the “leader” Team B. She’s the oldest on the team and quite a good singer. Still, she’s not one of my favorites, as their are quite a few Team B members I like above her.

30. Nito Moeno


One of Team B’s latest additions. She has a striking resemblance to Kashiwagi Yuki in some photo’s, though she’s hardly the caliber of performer Yukirin is.

29. Sato Yukari


I honestly didn’t think much of Yukari until she started doing solo work outside of the group. It was then I really noticed how beautiful she really is, and she’s a decent singer to boot.

28. Saotome Miki


Another of the awesome members who make up Team B. Miki is quite a good performer, yet she trails behind quite a few of the other Team B members, hence shy she’s here on the ranking.

27. Nakaya Sayaka


Sayaka previously had the distinction of being the only member in all of AKB who wore glasses, and that was likely one of her bigger charm points. However, as of late, she’s stopped wearing glasses, but I don’t think its taken away form her charm at all. She’s an amazing singer and performer.

26. Tanabe Miku


I honestly don’t have much to say about Miku, other than that she’s a great performer, and she’s one of AKB’s more beautiful members.

25. Noro Kayo


Noro is defenitly one of Team K’s top performers. She has a great voice, and its always great to see her and Natsuki together, as they make an excellent pair.

24. Miyazawa Sae


It seems nowadays that wherever Sayaka is, Sae will be right there. THey are paired up quite a lot is seems, though I never have been a big fan of Sae. She just doesn’t do it for me, unlike Sayaka.

23. Ono Erena


Erena is likely one of Team K’s more popular members, and it clear why. She is quite charming, and I think she has a very cute singing voice, though its nothing compared to some other members.

22. Itano Tomomi


I used to like Itano quite a lot, but lately she’s gone down in my rankings. It might be the fact that she has absolutely NO energy when performing. Every time I saw her in A5, it looked like she was about to pass out, or just didn’t give a damn. She was pretty good in Tsundere, though I think Amina and Kitahara outperform her anyday.

21. Oshima Mai


Mai is without a doubt one of Team A’s vocal powerhouses.  And likely the “hottest” member of the entire group. I quite enjoyed seeing her perform in A5, and she was great in Heart gata Virus, one of my top songs of that stage. Her vocals are exceptional in that song.

20. Kawasaki Nozomi


Nozomi is without a doubt one of AKB’s prettier members, and she’s a great performer to boot. However, her voice could use a volume boost, as she’s quite quiet when singing.

19. Kitahara Rie


Kitahara shot up in my ranking after watching her in A5. She’s one of the 3 members in Tsundere, and you all should know how much I love that song. I think she and Amina make that song, and I am glad she was put into that unit. She’s quite the performer!

18. Matsuoka Yuki


Yuki is likely one of Team B’s bets performers, but unfortunately, she’s Graduation at the end of B3, which saddens me quite a bit. She’s in my fav B3 song, Junjou Shugi, and rocks that song. It was sad to learn that she is one of the most unpopular AKB48 members. That just doesn’t make sense to me, when she’s so awesome.

17. Saeki Mika


Mika is one of my favourite Team B members, primarily because she’s paired up with my all-time favourite member in my 2nd favourite Team B Stage 3 song, Temodemo no Namida. She has a great voice, and is perfect for the song. I hope we can see more of her in B4 when it starts in a few months or so.

16. Takajo Aki


Aki recently became one of AKB48’s research students only a couple of months ago, and already she has been added to Team A. She immediately caught my eye as an RS, and quickly became my fav RS.  Its also interesting to note that she spent the shortest time as a Research Student before joining a team than any other. That’s gotta count for something.

15. Masuda Yuka


Yuka is most likely THE best singer in all of AKB48. Her voice is just so incredibly awesome its not funny. Its quite a sad fact that she has yet to be put into many  singles, and it just boggles my mind as to why not. Seriously, she needs more exposure.

14. Umeda Ayaka


An interesting little fact about Ayaka is that before she auditioned for AKB48, she tried out for Morning Musume’s Seventh Gen Auditions. As we all know, it was Kusumi Koharu who won those auditions, and after hearing Ayaka sing, I have to wonder what they were smoking when they made that decision. Ayaka is one of AKB48’s best singers in my opinion, and why anyone would choose someone like Kusumi Koharu over Ayaka is beyond me. Though, I am quite glad that she got into AKB instead, as AKB is leagues ahead of MM, so I guess she’s better in AKB. Still, Ayaka defenitly needs to be in the spotlight more. She’s an excellent singer, and she’s not given the credit or exposure she truly deserves.


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