Gundam 00 S2 Episode 13

We pick up from where we left off last time; a portion of the Kataron fleet is wiped out by Memento Mori as the fleet closes in on it. As the fleet reels from this, they quickly come under attack by the MM defense forces, which includes the innovator Healing Care and her own Gadessa. She quickly begins to pick off Kataron ships. It is here the battle truly begins, as both sides launch their mobile suits and engage into a free-for-all, one which Kataron is badly losing. One Ahead manages to nearly fire on the Kataron command ships’ bridge, until they are saved by Setsuna in the OO Raiser. Setsuna barrels onward towards the Gadessa and engages Healing in battle.

Meanwhile, Nena is in her attack craft, the Riaan, and gives CB the technical readouts on the Memento Mori, something she does without Wang Liu Mei knowing.

At this time, the rest of CB are preparing their battle plans for the assault on Memento Mori. The Ptolemaios 2 speeds on down the orbital ring, trying to keep out of the firing arc of MM. However, they are under intense fire from the defense forces. This continuous barrage of fire knocks the P2 off course, and into Memento Mori’s firing arc. The MM is finally charged again and fires, seemingly hitting the P2 directly.

However, at the last minute, the Arios activated its Trans-Am, thus giving P2 Trans-Am, allowing it to dodge the blast, and come back, rocketing towards MM. However, they are practically defenseless, as all power is diverted to speed due to only Arios’ Trans-Am being active. The Seravee and Cherudim are at the P2’s central launch deck, and to defend the P2 fron oncoming fire, the Cherudim activates Trans-Am and deploys its GN Shield Bits to defend the ship.  The bits are hammered by oncoming fire, and eventually, Arios’ Trans-Am runs out, but the ship finally comes close enough to Memento Mori to attack.

Seravee engages its Trans-Am as well, and charges its GN Bazooka to full power, and fires. The massive ball of energy launches manages to blast a large hole in the MM’s outer hull, which allows Lockon to snipe the core, finally taking Memento Mori out once and for all. In the ensuing death throes, Lindt’s ship is taking out by pieces of debris.

Setsuna, however, is still engaged against Healing. However, Nena fires on her long enough to distract her so Setsuna can get close and slice her Gadessa’s arm off. Both units retreat afterwards.

At the Kataron desert base, everyone watches as the debris of Memento Mori falls to earth. Sergei watches this as well, until he is interuppted by a man who he knows as Hercules.

For me, this was probably one of the greates battles ever in a Gundam series. The highlight of the episode would have to be the Ptolemaios 2’s attack on Memento Mori. It was quite intense, and the way Seravee and Cherudim finally took it out was just awesome. It was also nice to see Cherudims Shield Bits in action at last, and they seem incredibly effective.  So all in all, this was an awesome episode, and one of Gundam’s most epic battles.


One thought on “Gundam 00 S2 Episode 13

  1. this episode was damn awesome! the build up was intense! And It kinda reminded me of Star Wars. But instead of trusting the force Lyle trusted his targeting computer XD

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