AKB48 Member Ranking

So yeah, I’ve decided to do a member ranking list, much like some of my other fellow AKB bloggers have done lately. For my ranking, I’m only going to be doing the 47 members who actually  make up Teams A, K and B.

This first ranking post will include the first 16 members, specifically number 46 to 31, so lets gets started;

47: Maeda Atsuko


Since I can remember, I’ve never been a fan of Atsuko. There’s just something about her that puts me off. I think its her presence on stage. For me, she looks very fake on stage. She always seems like she’s trying to fake enthusiasm when performing. Also, I don’t care for all the attention she gets over other, more deserving girls. She has to be on everything. Every cover, every magazine, everywhere. And yet, there are other members who are far more talented than her, yet she gets all the attention. Honestly, I can’t wait till she graduates, as it will allow some new and better talent to take her place.

46: Kuramochi Asuka


One of Team K’s newest members. I hear she’s an excellent singer, but for me, she needs to tone down on that smile of hers. Sometimes she overdoes it. Other than that, I haven’t heard her or seen her perform, so that’s why she’s so low on this ranking.

45: Fujie Reina


I believe Reina was one of the first Research Students added to Team A. I guess she’s alright in A5, but other than that I don’t have much of an opinion on her. She is quite popular with fans though, but I think it probably has more to do with her image than her actual talent.

44: Shinoda Mariko


One of Team A’s original members (sort of…). She has a very deep voice, and I think that’s one reason why she’s so low on my ranking. For me, deep voices just don’t do it, especially on female singers.

43: Sashihara Rino


I don’t have much to say about Rino, as she’s quite new to Team B, and I have yet to see her in action. In the future, she might not be so low on my ranking.

42: Noguchi Reina


I don’t know what to say about Noguchi. Really, I don’t. Thats why she’s so low here.

41: Oku Manami


This is the one member who for the longest time would never seem to smile at all. She always looked pissed off. She’s somewhat better now, but she still hasn’t had much exposure, so thats why she’s this low for me.

40: Watanabe Mayu


May is team B’s frontgirl, and in my opinion should not be there. I’ll admit, she’s a great dancer, but she does not have the voice to go with those skills, and…she’s creepy. In every picture of her, she just has that blank stare, which just freaks me out. Also, the AKB48 management seem to think that Team B=Mayu, so they choose her for all the singles, over the other more talented B members. Sure, she’s cute, but she doesn’t have the talent, or emotions, to back that up.

39: Oota Aika


One of the Team B members selected for the new sub-unit. Really, I haven’t seen much of her, so that’s why she’s so low here. Perhaps after the new units CD is released, I’ll have a better opinion of her.

38: Naruse Risa


Another of Team K’s newest members. Again, I don’t really have any opinion on her, but if I remember correctly she did seem to fill in for Sayaka Akimoto on various occasions in the past, so she must be at least somewhat good.

37: Kobayashi Kana


From what I’ve heard, she’s really not that great of a singer, and for me, that matters at least somewhat in the Idol business. Also, she just doesn’t appeal to me that much, so that’s why she’s at number 36.

36: Nakata Chisato


One of Team A’s newest members. She really hasn’t been on Team A long enough for me to form a good opinion of her, so that’s why’s she’s here.

35: Ohori Megumi


Ohori is one of the oldest in the entire group, and has lately been thrust into the spotlight because of her solo single release. However, I’ve never been a huge fan of her. Really just a matter of personal preference really…

34: Nakagawa Haruka


Another Team B member in the new B sub-unit. Again, I really just haven’t seen enough of her for me to like her that much. Hopefully, the new sub-unit will change that.

33: Hirajima Natsumi


She used to be one of my favorite members, but that’s drastically changed over time. Really, the only reason she’s so low is because my opinions on a lot of other members have changed enough to push her down on my ranking.

32: Hayano Kaoru


Probably one of Team K’s best members, but she doesn’t get many solo lines or hardly any of the spotlight, so thats why she’s down here at 31.

So there’s 47 to 32 down. Next up will be 31 to 14!


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