OO Raiser Part 2

So here’s everything that makes up the main kit of this set, the OO Gundam:


And here’s the final product:


As you can see, the kit is quite poseble. All the joints allow for a great degree of mobility. The only thing wrong would be that for some reason there is no waist joint. This means you cannot move the body at the waist, and does somewhat the poses you can do. Also, the connector that connects the figure to the action base is one of the best I’ve seen. It clips on to the lower back part of the “groin” area, and its quite sturdy. Even with the heavy O-Raiser parts on it, the kit still stays upright with great ease.

And after all that, here is the true final product:


One thing to be wary of with this kit is that the O-Raiser parts are quite heavy on the shoulders, and it is somewhat hard to pose them in upper positions. However, they stay on quite well, along with the main body which connects to the back quite well. Overall, this is one fantastic kit, and I enjoyed building it a lot. If your looking for a great Gundam OO kit, I’d greatly recomment this one.


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