OO Raiser – Part 1

So first, lets take a look at the included Action base stand:


This is quite the unique stand, as this clear green version of the Celestial Being stand only comes with the OO Raiser set. Its quite an awesome stand, but that’s to be expected of an action base stand. They are high quality stands, and hold up quite well.

Next, lets take a look at the first of the two kits in this set, the O-Raiser:


The O-Raiser consists of 3 main parts; the main body and its two side sponsons. The side sponsons connect rather easily to the main body I found, and here’s the full unit:


Now, of course, the main feature of the O-Raiser is the ability to connect to the OO Gundam itself. The sponsons attack to the shoulder GN Drives, while the O-Raiser body connects to the back of the OO. To do this, an incredibly simple “transformation” is required of the O-Raiser. All that is needed is to simply fold the rear half of the O-Raiser down, then to move the rear thruster unit down as well. This exposes the connector unit that attaches to the back of the OO Gundam. Very simple indeed:


Now, lets take a look at the OO’s weapons:


The weapons include 2 GN Sword II’s, the two halves of the GN Shield and 2 beam sabers. The swords can be switched between gun and sword mode, but the blades must be removed and repositioned to do this. Its a similar situation with the shields, as the white blade part must be removed and repositioned to increase the length of the blade. The swords can also be connected to each other at the hilts to form a double bladed sword. This requires the use of a small additional part. Also, the shields can be connected to the O-Raisers sponsons for storage:


So thats all for today. Next up will be the OO Gundam itself, then after that will come the final product, the OO Raiser!


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