New Gundam 00V MSV and some new Gunpla updates

Its like in the last 10 minutes, we Gundam fans have been hit with a flood of new Gundam model kit info and a new OOV variation (for those unaware, OOV shows different MS and variants that don’t show up in the TV series)

Lets start with the latest OOV:

Cherudim Gundam Saga


(Translation from Gundamnews)

Unit Type: close combat equipped mobile suit
Head Height: 18.0m
Unit Weight: 62.7t (Saga Equipment Weight: 3.8t)
Armament: GN Assault Carbine x 1, GN Sub Machine Gun x 2, GN Beam PIstol II x 2, GN Beam Pistol x 2, GN Small Shield x 1, GN Missile Pod (front section) x 4, GN Missile Container (back section) x 1
Affiliation: Celestial Being

Summary: Special equipment for the Cherudim. SAGA is an abbreviation for Special Assault GUNDAM Arms. Assumed to be used for base attack missions. Therefore, all guns are changed to short barrels, and it’s equipped with as many as seven guns (on its person). Ian Vashti, who was in charge of design kept in mind the “Seven Sword” of the Exia and actually referred to the Cherudim as the “Seven Gun” because of the number of guns it has in the development code. For close range combat, it is equipped with a crystal sensor in its head. Abandoning GN Shield Bits because they are unsuitable for battles in small areas, it instead carries a convenient GN Small Shield. On it’s back it has a GN Drive and added armor to make up for the lack of GN Shield Bits. The top section contains a GN Missile container.

Next up is some upcoming models kits:



The HG O-Raiser is something to look forward to if you bought the HG OO Gunda, as it will include the GN Shield and the part that allows you to connect the OO’s GN Sword II’s. I myself will be getting it as a display piece, as my 1/100 O-Raiser will be connected to my 1/100 OO Gundam in OO Raiser congif. The other big noticble is the HG GN Archer, which we finally get to see in MS mode. This is a defenite buy for me, as I find the MS mode quite appealing. Its somewhat of a cross between the Powered GM from 0083 and the DSSD Astray from GSD Stargazer.

We also have a first look at the 1/100 Arios, and its looking fantastic, as is the 1/100 Cherudim. Also shown is the latest GN-XIII kit (in federation blue colors) and the Trans-Am versions of the season 1 Gundams.  Also shown is the HD version of the MG Zeta 2.0, and the HGUC Rezin Schnyder Geara Doga, along with some new SD kits.  However, the biggest news here has to be the revelation of a PG Astray Red Frame! Its been quite some time since the last Perfect Grade Kit was released (I believe it was Strike Gundam, or perhaps the Skygrasper, I forget) and for them to choose the Red Frame is just epic. It will defenitly be something to look forward to.


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