New AKB48 Single – 10 nen Sakura

So at the recent AKB48 concert at JCB Hall on the 20th, it was announced that the next AKb48 single would be titles 10 nen Sakura, and would be released on the 4th of March next year.

I’ll say it right now, I’m not particularily excited about this single.

The title speaks volumes. Its most likely going to be another graduation time style song, much like Sakura no Hanabiratachi was. For me, that single was somewhat boring. I’m not a huge fan of slow songs, unless their done right, like Yuuhi wo Miteiruka was. Tha single still remains one of my absolute favorites, and I’m kinda hoping that if this next single is going to be a somewhat slow song as the title kind of suggests, that its like Yuuhi wo and not SnH. but then again, this might be another fast paced single, but I doubt it. The last slow song single was Yuuhi wo, so we are due for another slow song.

One thing I do find interesting is that the next single is not a song from A5. Most singles are from the A stages (with a couple from the Himawari stages) so its suprising one of A5’s awesome songs is not going to be the new single. Its kind of a shame too, as there are a number of great songs from A5 that would make awesome singles. AKB Sanjou would have made an awesome single track, and they could have maybe used Tsundere as a b-side. That would have been awesome (at least for me)

So I wonder where this song will fit into the stages. Or perhaps they’ve moved on from having singles be stage songs. Who knows? Guess we’ll have to wait till March to find out.


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