Gundam 00 S2 Episode 12

The episode picks up from where we left off from last time. The OO Raiser has just entered Trans-Am mode, and Setsuna and Saji head off into the fray.  As the other Gundams defend the Ptolemaios 2, Setsuna engages other A-LAWS units until he comes face to face with the Garazzo. They engage in melee combat until Setsuna manages to temporarily blind the Garazzo long enough for him to back off and deal enough damage to force Bring to eject and retreat. Setsuna then notices the Gadessa preparing to launch another beam attack from its sniping position.  Setsuna manages to bring the OO up to the asteroid where the Gadessa is and quarter the asteroid with its GN Sword II’s. The Gadessa gets off in time, and both engage each other in close quarters. Healing is no slouch though. He manages to maneuver enough to stab the OO, or so he thinks. What he stabs turns out to be nothing more than a GN Particle illusion/after-image. From the other side, the OO comes at the Gadessa again, slicing its cannon into pieces, then proceeds to finish off the Gadessa, forcing Healing to eject as well.

With this, the A-LAWS forces decide to withdraw.  Saji disconnects the O-Raiser from the OO, and intends to go after Louise with it, but Setsuna takes control of the O-Raiser away from Saji. After the battle, on one of the A-LAWS cruisers, soldiers take the personal effects from Barack’s locker, and Louise stands there thinking about her former commander. Andrei comes in and they have a brief personal exchange, before Louise storms off.

On the Ptolemaios, Setsuna and Saji also have a brief exchange before Saji punches him for not letting him go after Louise. Ian is resting and recovering with Anew looking after him.

At this time, the Memento Mori strikes again on yet another Middle Eastern location, this one with a large refugee camp in its territory. The Kataron forces are again disturbed by this news. Back on the Ptolemaios, Saji goes to the O-Raiser and contemplates using it, but in the end cannot bring himself to do it, and sits there sobbing. At the same time on the A-LAWS cruiser, Louise deletes all the photo’s of herself and Saji from her phone.

As the Ptolemaios moves out, so does the Kataron fleet, now in Earth orbit. However, Memento Mori strikes again, and manages to decimate a large portion of the fleet as the meisters watch on from the Ptolemaios.

Now this was one heck of an episode. The OO Raiser is just as spectacular as expected, and manages to take out both the Garazzo and Gadessa, though its likely that won’t be the last we see of those 2 suits, as both Bring and Healing managed to eject utilizing some sort of core-fighter like unit. As expected, the drama between Saji and Louise heats up, and its incredibly interesting to say the least. Louise in fact thinks that for the last 5 years Saji has been with Celestial Being, so this revelation of where Saji is now has defenitly gotten to her badly. I can defenitly see this brining her closer to Andrei, as he’s always seemed to have a thing for her. The whole Saji x Louise plot has become more interesting by the day, and I can’t wait to see where it goes. Looks like the Meisters will be taking on the A-LAWS forces around Memento Mori, and they’ll defenitly need to take it out fast. Memento Mori is truly a deadly weapon, as its already taken out 2 Middle Eastern cities, and a portion of the Kataron fleet, all in the time frame of 3 episodes. Such a rapid-attack weapon is defenitly a major threat to Celestial Being and Kataron.


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