Gundam 00 S2 Episode 11

The episode begins by showing the aftermath of Memento Mori’s attack on ther kingdom of Seel, which is not nothing more than a huge crater. The Federation forces nearby managed to survive, though.

Back at Celestial Being’s asteroid base, the OO-Raiser test continues, and promptly finishes. As the GN particles subside, the symptoms caused by the overload of particles go away, including Hallelujah, who is now back to being Allejuah. After the test finishes , the O-Raiser and GN Archer are loaded onto the Ptolemaios 2, and just in time too. Shortly afterward, A-LAWS forces launch an attack on the asteroid with a barrage of GN missiles. The Gadessa and Garazzo standby to attack. After the barrage is done, a number of cloaked Aheads and GN-XIII’s begin their attack. The Gundams are sent out, with the Arios+GN-Archer sent to escort the evac shuttles. Cherudim stays near the Ptolemaios to defend it alongside the Seravee, while OO goes on the offensive. Quite quickly, the battle turns sour. The OO is incapacitated by Patrick and his other squad mates, and the Seravee is forced into direct engagement with Bring Stability and his Garazzo.

During all this, the Ptolemaios is dealt some severe damage. Saji is sent to check on Ian and the O-Raiser, and when Saji get to hi, he finds the compartment nearly obliterated, and Ian gravely injured. Marie comes to take Ian to get help, and Saji is forced to take the O-Raiser out. In the heat of battle, the O-Raiser and OO Gundam combine again to form the OO-Raiser. The Combination creates a unit with incredible speed and maneuverability. Sestuna manages to out-fly the A-LAWS units, and then proceeds to kill Zinin and his ahead. Setsuna then proceeds to activate Trans-Am, which creates a somewhat telepathic moment/link between Saji, Setsuna and Louise. It is here that Louise and Saji find out about each other, and what the other is doing.

So this was one hell of an episode. The OO-Raiser is a truly fierce machine, and it will be interesting to see how the A-LAWS stand up to it in Trans-Am mode. It is also nice that Saji and Louise finally find out about each other. With Saji now piloting the O-Raiser, this should provide some good conflict between the two.

I’m also quite interested in the new CB member, Anew Returner. It is quite apparent that she may be an Innovator. She has the appearance of one, and she was distracted for a moment by quantum waves when she was taking to Lyle. It will be interesting to see if she is a spy or if she is truly on the side of CB. It was also cool to see all the CB personnel on the asteroid base. Since we see the Ptolemaios most of the time, so CB always seems like it has little personnel. This episode proved that wrong. There must have been at least over a hundred people on the station.


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